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The Power of Unconditional Love #AtoZChallenge Post 13

Unconditional love is so powerful that it can CREATE a person. The absence of unconditional love can BREAK a person too.

Ever thought that person could be your little one as well.

Children need unconditional love from parents to feel secure and blossom into a self-assured adult.

Love means unconditional, right? Is there something called conditional love? I am afraid there is!

Believe me, without realizing it, we often put a condition on our love.

We end up saying statements like –

  1. “If you do not do your homework, Mumma will not love you”
  2. “If you lie to me, you will break Papa’s heart”
  3. “If you don’t finish this glass of milk, Mumma will never talk to you”
  4. “If you don’t listen to me, it means you don’t care about my feeling”

Some of us sometimes even funnily use love as a bribe with our kids. We tell them things like,

  1. “Do well at school and daddy will love you more”
  2. “Score 90%+ and only then I will believe you are worthy of my affection”

Such statements are conditional love. These kinds of statements instill fear in the child –

  • Fear of losing the love of parents
  • Fear of losing their attention
  • Fear of being left out
  • Fear of not being able to meet the parent’s expectations

We completely understand that your intention as parents is towards disciplining the child, but these statements only hold them at emotional ransom which might shake their self-confidence.

Love is not love, if love is not unconditional. Let me give you a ‘stretch example. A friend of mine, Sobha loves to say, “Look at a pet dog. Even if you ill-treat the dog, it will wag the tail happily, jump on you and shower love on you, when you get home. That, my friend, is unconditional love.”

Are you wondering why does your child need such unconditional love? In a  family that shares unconditional love, a child grows up feeling close to his parents..

With such love, your child will confide in you and become a safe and secure individual. Your child will know that you will not leave him/her just because he/she has made some mistake. The child should get a feeling that you will talk to your them when he/she commits grave mistakes but will be there for them, no matter what.

When you love your child unconditionally, irrespective of how much they score, how well they perform, the way they look, how smart they are, etc. your child will find a best friend in you. And trust me, nothing could be better than that.

And you can always tell them the repercussions of their mistakes, but, without casting a doubt on love. When we focus on the quality of the child, rather than the results they produce, it is a sign of pure unconditional love.

If you are already showering your child with unconditional love, you are a WOW Parent!


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