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9 Fun activities for kids to keep them busy this vacation!

fun activities for kids


“Mom I’m bored”, these are the usual remarks every mom gets to hear during the summer vacation of their kids. How do I keep my kids occupied during summer vacation? Well, it’s not only you but probably a hundred moms like you who are looking for ideas to keep their kids busy in this vacation.

Some easy tips to keep your kids busy!

• Libraries, museums, aquariums have special programs during the holiday seasons. The activities conducted there include storytelling sessions, puppet shows, and etc.
• Find out if there are summer camps for your kid’s age in your area. This is useful especially if you are working and are unable to spend time with your children or take them on holiday.

fun activity for kids
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• You can plan a short getaway holiday with them like mini vacations with kids to nearby places. Go on picnics. Spoil them a little and give them whatever they’d like to eat. You’d be amazed at how your kid and his friends enjoy playing together and have fun for hours together.

Worried that your kids will be bouncing off all the time in their summer vacation? Here are some of the best fun activities for kids to keep them entertained, and active at a very little or no expense.

9 Awesome activities for kids during summer vacations:

1. The leaf hunt:

This activity is for 5 to 12 years age children. Leaf hunting is a fun activity for kids done in an outdoor area like garden and parks. Your kids and his friends have to secretly pick up the different variety of leaves first – one leaf for each kid.

Now hand the container to the kids, filled with the leaves and spill them in a loose area/ open area. The activity’s idea is to match the leaves they are carrying in the container with the trees, plants, and bushes present in the park/outdoor area. To make it more interesting, ask them the names of the tree or plant.

2. Family tree:

Perhaps, the best play activity where your kids can enjoy to the fullest. This game is for teenagers basically where they have to make a family tree on a chart paper. It helps them to know about family members.

It is an interesting game to know the names, age, and relations of the respective family members. This includes great grandparents, grand uncles, and aunts. To make it more interesting have pictures to tag along with the family tree.

3. Alphabet game:

This game is played among all age groups of kids. It can be played during the long road trips especially when your kids are getting bored sitting for long hours in the car.
The game is to ask the kids to recite the alphabet from A to Z, asking one of the kid to stop at any random letter. Whichever letter comes that kid has to start with any word starting with that letter. For e.g., if  ‘R’ is the alphabet, the words associated with it can be rose, rabbit, etc. and the play goes on till all the alphabets are done.

4. Wall chalk mural:

It is one of the best games to play if your child is an art lover. You can ask your kid to draw anything random on the walls using various chalk colors.

Give them your outdoor wall to do a mural; they’d be ecstatic to this idea. If a large bunch of friends can do this activity, it can be more fun. Also, you don’t have to worry about the wall getting spoiled as the chalk gets washed out easily.

5. Designing a car racing track:

It is one of the creative activities that your kid will enjoy the most. Ask your kid to design his kind of car racing track and let his imagination flow. Give him various colored tapes to create the tracks on the floor.

To make it more creative you can ask him to add signals and other road signs. Involving his friends in this activity can be a good idea to keep them engaged for a few hours.

6. Indoor bowling track:

This is an addictive indoor game that your kids and his friends can enjoy playing. It is a bowling game where you’ll need a flattened cardboard box or a wooden board laid out on a flat surface.

Ask your kid to bring in several erasers or fat crayon stubs to use as bowling pins. Using softballs or ping pong balls as a bowling ball makes the game fun and interesting. To make it more interactive, you can sit with them to keep the score.

7. Quiz about Indian states:

fun activities for kids
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This is a play activity of some 10 Questions with different personality names of whether dead or alive, or you can only answer with a yes or no? You can include Indian state names, along with their specialties to make it more interesting.

8. Lifesize selfie:

Making a self-portrait is a beautiful way for kids to express themselves. It helps them explore who they are, what they would like to become. It doesn’t have to be a picture perfect.

9. Cooking:

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You don’t need to pull out your recipe books to cook a meal with kids. Cooking offers a range of choices from baking to making a couple of basic recipes which you will find online to get started.
You can start teaching your young ones how to butter a slice of bread, roll out chapatis, cut a soft fruit like banana, etc.

Wrapping up:

Children have so much energy that sometimes it seems they’ll bring the house down if you can’t think of something for them to do. “How can I keep them busy?” is an eternal problem for parents with children of all ages.

Luckily for you, WOW Parenting has put together a list of 10 awesome ideas for kids so that they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. These activities vary in terms of what age they work best for, but we’re convinced that they’re all perfect in their own way for keeping your kids busy when it’s super hot outside.

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