Our Story

This course is born out of an audacious dream. The dream is to ‘change this world’. We wish and we believe we can do that with ’wow parenting’. Imagine, all the children in the world get amazing, thoughtful, progressive parenting? Now imagine, what would happen to the world through such parenting?

Through the digital/online version of “Wow Parenting,” we have found the means to achieve our purpose and live our dream. Theoretically, in the lives of children, parents are the most consistent and caring people. In life, however, parenting does not always go right or well. Is this why the world is the way it is? As a race, have we failed in parenting properly? We say, we love our children the most. Have we also ignored them and their needs the most? We do remember learning how to read, write, walk, talk. Do you remember learning how to parent?”

It sounds like a cliche but it is the truth. When our son Neeraj was born, we looked around for a ‘fantastic’ book or guide or DVD or video on parenting. I could find NONE that would excite me. I searched on you tube and google and scrounged through the books section of every bookstore I could find. I ended up disappointed.

I started observing, asking, contemplating, discussing, practising, and slowly insights started emerging. I went through an emotional roller coaster. What sounded right was often not practical. What looked possible did not find co-operation. What felt difficult. turned out to be a piece of cake. Some initiatives produced amazing results. Some left us in splits. Some left us dumbfounded. Some experiences lifted us and some completely surprised us.

As we met celebrities and achievers, the movers and the shakers, the influencers and the opinion makers, the champions and the trail blazers, we found, almost in every case, at least ONE parent had played a super crucial part.

Imagine what can be the impact that your parenting can have on this planet! We have created ‘Wow Parenting’ with a desire to play a small role in assisting you in your incredible journey of parenting. Drawing on a fantastic mix of personal experience and observation, extensive research, discussions with parents, teachers and experts, we have created an engaging, entertaining, non-judgmental experience that is informative, open-minded and very refreshing. ‘Wow Parenting’ will help you in creating amazing impact on your children.

I won’t say, ‘Wow Parenting’ is the best course on parenting in the world, but I will say, it is an incredible course. And yes, you just might say, “It is the BEST parenting course anyone can find anywhere.”

What WOW Parenting is NOT

WOW Parenting’ is NOT a manual to raise your child. However, it does give several concrete examples of how other people and cultures raise calm, respectful, successful children. You will find several examples that you can certainly apply in your own family, like we have done. We have noticed an amazing improvement in our children’s behaviour and also in the way we approach tough times.

WOW Parenting will appeal because it’s not a “how to” guide, but one that gets you to think about the impact of the choices you make, *especially* when you don’t even realize you’re making a choice. I think back on my carefully considered parenting decisions (how much sleep do they need? how strict to be about serving only healthy snacks? how much screen time? how much play time, how to discipline them etc.) and realize they were all pretty inconsequential compared to the really BIG decisions I wasn’t even aware I was making. These big decisions are such an indivisible part of parenting. We give so much time and thought to the small decisions, and so little to the big ones.

WOW Parenting is NOT a course that you can gift to someone else to raise YOUR children. It cannot replace you, it can only aid you. We cannot travel with just the fuel. We need a vehicle filled with fuel. This course is like the fuel that will drive your vehicle of ‘Wow Parenting’.

This isn’t the kind of parenting course that leaves you feeling inadequate or defensive – God knows we parents don’t need more of those. Engaging with WOW Parenting will be more of an “aha!” experience.