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Who was Vighnaharta and What Parents Need to Learn from Him?

Ganpati a lord, of wisdom, knowledge, and power is known by a lot of names. Some of them are, Vinayaka, Ekdant, Lambodara and many more. Every name has its own depiction and life lessons which can be actually implemented even in today’s era. There is one more name that we all know about and has a very powerful message to tell that is ‘Vighnaharta’.

What does ‘Vighnaharta’ mean?

Vighna means, Obstacles, hindrance or problems, and Hartha means the one who takes away. So Vighnaharta means the power that takes away the obstacles.  It means the power that can help someone to come over all the challenges thrown by life. 
It is a great meaning, isn’t it? And we need it in our lives more than anything else.

Why Should Children Have Power of ‘Vighnaharta’?

The hurdles in the lives of today’s generation are much more than the parents can think of. And it is increasing even more with the changing era and surroundings.
In such cases, parents cannot be overprotective but they must make children independent enough to come over any kind of obstacles. Children may fail sometimes. And when they do, they will only look up to their parents which gives them a strength to fight.
The presence of parents in the children’s life brings confidence in them. Parents must support children in a way that children must develop the power to overcome all and any type of obstacle. Parents may be their support system, but they cannot be with their children all the time.

How Can Parents Inculcate this Strength in Their Children?

  1. By teaching them Problem Solving– Parents cannot accompany children all the time. Hence, it is best to teach them to solve their problems by themselves. And the best way to teach children problem-solving is by adding the fun part in it. Make problem-solving as creative as possible. Parents can make them do the projects to increase their capability of searching for solutions. 
  2. By empathizing them. – Now, how empathizing your child will help them solve their problems? It means parents need to understand what is bothering their child? Why is the child upset?  Is he stressful? Parents who empathize knows their children perfectly and can easily understand and help them solve their problem.
  3. By being a role model– Children may not listen to you but they are the best imitators. Thus, use this aspect to help them develop the ability to solve.  The presence of the role models helps them practically do the things.  When parents actually do things practically in front of the children, it is easy for the child to adapt, grasp and process it. If you tell them to do the same verbally, they may not get it at first. But, they will learn it immediately by looking at you and how you do it.
  4. Trust Building– The best way to build the trust, is by listening to the child and involving them in decision making. Children’s involvement in decision making promotes the sense of belongingness.  They communicate more and share their ideas. Sharing good and bad happening every day on a dinner table also helps a lot. Implement the Mad, Sad, Glad theory.  Ask what made them sad, glad and mad on that day. This will help develop a rapport and when the child will have any difficulty, he will know that he can share it on the dining table.
  5. Don’t be an obstacle– Unfortunately, the number of parents being a problem in children’s lives is increasing. This is because they want their child to fulfill their incomplete dreams. Parents fail to consider their kid’s desires, interests, and intelligence. Instead, they end up imposing their decisions on their children. As a result, the child starts internalizing things and fails to communicate it with the parents. Because they don’t have hope that their problems will be solved or at least considered.

Parents are the whole world for their children, they learn, adapt, imitate from the parents. The crucial task in parenting is teaching children to solve their own problems by being their role models. But also, not to make them dependant on parents for every problem they face. And that is what ‘Vighnaharta’ means. May your child bloom and have all the possible capabilities to take away all the obstacles in their super-successful
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