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Cultivate the ‘Power of Imagination’ in your children.

power of imagination

Children live in the world of fantasy and possess the power of imagination.

There a couple of behaviors by which we can identify the power of imagination our children have:   

  • You can find children talking to an imaginary friend.
  • You can find children playing as adults, as animals, or even as furniture.
  • In a school play, children do not mind playing the role of a butterfly or a blade of grass or even a tree. Isn’t this the truth?

Children want their parents to imagine with them. Children want to share the power of imagination that they possess with their parents. Most importantly, children NEED the help of parents to help them to imagine. Help your kids imagine on a daily basis, widen their perspective.
Children love it when you discuss the future and the possibilities of tomorrow. When you show them how great their life will be with certain small changes today. When talking about the possibilities you can see shine in the eyes of the kids. You can nurture the seed of imagination in your child.
Talk to them with a smile, with dollops of excitement, with loads of belief and most importantly, talk with excited anticipation. That will help the child imagine and also make imagination FUN.
On a certain bad day when you are worked up, if there are threats, doubts or a possible sarcasm in your tone, it hurts the self-esteem of the kid. It fills the child with a sense of doubt.
We don’t want that right?

For example, when your child asks – “Mamma, can I become a cook?”. What will you say in return?
Here are a few possibilities and probable responses. 

  1. Encourage – “Of course you can my son. I am sure you will do excellently well as a cook.”
  2. Discourage – “Study now, think about such things later.”
  3. Ignore – Get busy in something of your own and pretend not to hear.
  4. Distract – You ask your child to go and play and get his mind off it.
  5. Participate – “So do you want to cook Indian or Italian?”, “Do you want to work in a 5 Star Hotel or open a cafe of your own?”

Which one do you choose?

Talk to your kid, find out more about their dreams and aspirations. 
When you show your child the power of imagination, the child sees a future they can believe in. It opens doors of possibilities.

Here are things you can do to show encouragement with the power of imagination-

  1. You can take the child through the steps of cooking.
  2. Let them come and help you in the kitchen.
  3. Give them small responsibilities in the kitchen.
  4. Talk to kids about the first time you cooked, this will help you boost the child’s self-confidence.
  5. Teach them day-to-day cooking hacks.

Let’s look at another scenario that might be common in a few households.

It is one of those days when you find your kid is a little distracted and not able to focus on studies. You also had an extremely bad day at the office. In those rare days, you might end up saying statements like –

  1. If you don’t study well, your future is very dark.
  2. If you don’t study well, God knows what will happen to you.
  3. Do you realize how much competition is there?
  4. You have no future if you don’t pay attention to your studies.

Burdened with work, you might have said such things. It was a sudden outburst. We understand that you worried about the child and his future. We also know you did not mean it. However, your kid does not know you did not mean it.
When irritated, take a step back and think what are the words that you wish to say to your child?
Remove the filters of fear, threats, and negativity. Show them the number of possibilities with the power of imagination. 

Do you know what could be an effective approach to such a situation?

A dialogue between you and your son can get the ball rolling. You can start with, “I can see you today you cannot focus well on your studies. I understand the struggle because sometimes in my childhood also I could not focus. So it is okay.”
Ask him, “Do you want to know how I used to handle it?” Pause for a moment let them use the power of imagination and think. Then tell him your story, “Every time I found out that I am not being able to focus, I used the write the word FOCUS in big bold letters and paste in on my desk. I would also draw a mickey mouse near it. Since he was my favorite cartoon character, it was like Mickey is asking me to focus.” Tell him how that technique helped you a lot to focus.  

Ask him, “Want to give something like that a shot?”
Tell him, “See, today I am successful in life because I used such a technique. Imagine you are super successful in life tomorrow, you can teach your kids the same.”

You will observe…

That your child is super interested in your story and willing to work towards the beautiful picture you just painted in front of him. With these kinds of personal stories from your past, you can help boost the child’s self-confidence with the power of imagination

Did you know all revolutions began with the ‘power of imagination’? I am sure you did.

Did you know all scientific inventions are rooted in ‘imagination’? I am sure you did.
Children, by birth, are experts in ‘imagination’. They just need a company that supports their imaginative power. They need someone who motivates them to imagine, who believes in their imagination and who gently guides them in imagining.
Who can do this better than the lovely parents? You understand your kids the best. They love to engage you in ‘dream’ dialogues.
Help your kids visualize what is possible even if NO ONE has done it yet!! When the kids imagine with the parents, they feel deeply secure.
Can you IMAGINE yourself doing this? I am sure you can.
If you are already inculcating the power of imagination in your child, you are a WOW Parent!

Parenting Coach/Expert @ WOW Parenting Naren is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist, he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change every human being’s life journey to something phenomenal. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.

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