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9 Powerful tips to raise smart kids

how to raise smart kids


“I want my kids to be smarter” a constant yet a nagging comment that parents keep repeating. There’s no such factory which produces smarter kids.

Stop comparing with other kids if your kid is not participating in any event first.

To raise smart kids, lots of efforts and patience is required. Childhood is a crucial development of your child according to the child development experts. This is the phase where the brain develops quickly.

9 Powerful tips to raise smart kids:

raise smart kids
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1. Talk to them from day one:

Like the quote suggests, “Start in the crib” – according to the child development experts, giving your child an early head start. Talk to your babies even when they are small.

This is where you get those mental wheels turning. Ask your kid open-ended questions which will help him develop his confidence and his opinions.

2. Crack the books early

Reading can do wonders to your child that you have no idea. Research shows that reading to your children and teaching them math early can make your child smart in math.

If your kid is keen about reading books, encourage him it is one of the smart toddler signs that parents should recognize. See what kind of books he is interested, what makes him curious while asking questions and so on.

Encourage your kids to read or you can sit to read with him, this will make your child smart and intelligent.

You can start reading to your children at an early age. This will give him a head start in developing language skills.

Children who start reading a very young age are more likely to develop a lifelong interest in reading, do well in school, and succeed in adult life.

3. Teach your kids to be a problem solver:

It’s okay to give your child the kind of support and solution when he needs but understand that you don’t have to make him dependent on you; rather encourage them to do it independently.

Let them figure out the solutions on how to deal with it and achieve it on their own. This act will stimulate their brains and teach them that they are capable to work through different obstacles. 

4. Practice gratitude:

Teach your kids to be grateful, and let them believe that they are doing the best of everything. Learning this concept, even during the failures and disappointments, they’d come out positively become a smart toddler.

Keep motivating your child that he is capable of moving forward when encountered any difficulties in life. To raise a smart toddler; appreciate him for the efforts which he made than seeing the end-results.

5. Encourage exercise and make your child do chores:

how to raise a smart child
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Physical workout makes your kid stronger and healthier. It has various mental benefits like building brain cells and increasing blood flow to the brain.

Not necessarily you have to enroll them into some fancy exercise program but you can ask them to help you with day to day a chore which is also an exercise for them.

This will not help them remain active, but your kid will learn the importance of taking up responsibility, learn teamwork, and time management skills.

6. Encourage curiosity and exploration:

Toddlers are curious minds. Eventually, their curiosity is reduced as they get older unless it is encouraged and practiced.

Start by engaging them in topics that are of personal interest to them, even if it involves their favorite YouTube star or set of action figures. Ask questions to strike a conversation, and share your own interests, explaining why they’re appealing to you.

You can also plan trips to museums, sporting events, or go for movies that will help you, find mutual likes and inspire new discussions.

7. Do teach social skills:

Teach your kids to become friendly with others. Teaching your child to become social can help him to learn how to resolve issues with friends, listen without interrupting, and help others which is a great way to start.

8. Don’t overprotect:

In today’s age of helicopter parenting, parents are making their kids handicapped by offering upfront help.

Your kid can have his own mindset, choices and opinions, let him be a free mind and discuss his options with you.

Spoon feeding will make your child dependent on every single thing even when they become adults.

9. Limit your kid’s screen time:

Your child should not be watching TV before age 2. Letting your kid watch too much television takes him away from doing activities that are more important. This includes playing, socializing and reading books.

Kids also spend a lot of time on other screen devices like smartphones and tablets.

Excessive use of these devices can lead to health and emotional problems. Try to limit the usage of such devices.

Wrapping up:

To make your kids smart, you don’t have to enroll your kids in any expensive coaching class. Rather, focus on the behaviors that foster a developing mind and intellect.

Yeah!! Intelligence can be grown in your children, and we have shared the best of 10 pointers to start with.

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