15 Apr

How is Parenting in the era of Game Of Thrones?

Game of Thrones & parenting


“Mummy, can I watch Game of Thrones? “ My 12-year-old son asked me at the dinner table, looking up at me with hope. Like millions of other parents, I too watch Game of Throne series but when it comes to my teenage kids it’s a serious no-no-thing. I know what you must be thinking; any mother in her right mind wouldn’t tell her growing kids to watch beheadings, sex, stabbing, Jon snow death, and torture. Is there a way to stop your kids from watching?

But, why it is a serious problem among kids?

Easy access to GOT:

Majority of the parents are losing their sleep worrying about the kids over the upcoming Game of Thrones 8. This fantasy American drama television series has earned fame in leaps and bounds. The GOT episodes are undoubtedly the most acclaimed tv series today. Game of Thrones is HBO’s hit fantasy series, which is returning with its final season on 14th April. The GOT episodes are believed to be ultra-violent, having pornography content and can have a huge impact on your teen.

You can prevent your children from watching GOT season 8 by putting parental control on television at home. But there is always a loophole to this what if they are watching it online? Well, there are specific monitoring apps which upon installing allows parents to protect teens from exposing to pornography and sexually explicit content both on their mobile phones and computer devices.

game of thrones and parenting
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Furthermore; you can block YouTube and all other video streaming sites on home computers that host Game of Thrones. You can keep an eye by checking the internet browsing history of their internet aided devices and smartphones and know the sources from where they are watching and block the same in the future.

Unfortunately, our younger generation picks up most of the sensitive subjects from television shows like Game of Thrones especially through online streaming websites which can be easily accessed anytime anywhere. These online mediums are known to lure teenagers and underage children with their explicit content which is inappropriate for their ages.

Game of Thrones 8 is not a family-friendly series. It is good to sit and talk to them and explain why you have a problem if they watch it. Let your kids know that you are concerned about the kind of stuff it is showing and it is not appropriate to see.

What is a parent’s concern behind their kids watching GOT 8:

Being a parent, it is quite obvious to be protective about your kids especially those who are just stepping into their teenage. The sensual GOT show has been gaining tremendous popularity over the years. It was first premiered in 2011; its seventh season recently started in July 2017, and it would conclude with its eighth series on 14th April 2019. It is obvious to fall in love with the Game of Thrones because the plot is so addictive, characters are so realistic and the setting of medieval times is exemplary.

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If you minus the violence and sex, Game of Thrones is undoubtedly a good show. But the way the show is developed there’s no single reason to allow kids to watch it. The show also deals with incest (sexual encounters between the family members) which is too sensitive and too early to introduce it to kids. The odds of your teenage kid learning best things from this show are insignificant and exposed to graphic sex scenes, rape, drinking, and violence are higher.

What if the child tells you to watch GOT together?

Some parents think that watching the show with the kids can be a good option because watching together can make it easy for them to explain why it is not the right show for teenage kids.  Now, this totally depends on the equation you share with your little ones. Also, it is important to know if your child is ready to take that kind of content. If yes, then there is no harm in it. But you have to take all these things into consideration.  We, at WOW Parenting, would suggest you all to take this decision on the basis of your child’s understanding.

It is true that teens find it difficult to withstand the temptation of new episodes of Games of Thrones, but it can have a serious impact on your child’s brain because of the violent scenes. Don’t scold your child, and stay calm and act maturely making them understanding why viewing such bold content and visuals is not good for them. Sure once, they know it they will definitely cooperate.

How can parents deal with this problem?

Parents need to understand that it will be hard to convince your teen to not watch episodes of GOT. As your teenage kid’s friends will be doing it and it is quite natural for your teen to get pissed off on this decision.

If you stop your teen son/daughter from watching or doing something, they would end up doing it behind your back. Therefore, the best is to talk upfront with them. Explain to them why they are not right for their age by giving examples. Show empathy towards them. Straightly coming to a decision without taking your child into consideration will lead to negative consequences. Explain it in a more mature way and at the same time, you can monitor their internet usage activities from time to time.

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