14 Feb

3 methods to handle lazy kids

lazy kids

He’s not motivated! All he wants to do is play video games or watch television. Why doesn’t he focus more on his studies? Like you, many parents believe that they have “lazy kids”. The main problem is that there is no motivation and it has arisen because of various reasons.

The problem involves moments of frustration, discouragement, and anxiety. Kids who do not feel motivated and those who readily give up to the above-mentioned symptoms; they have a hard time to bounce back. If you are looking for ways to motivate lazy kids, you are on the right page.

The experts have come up with significant methods that have worked wonders in motivating your child’s behavior.

Method1 – Different ways – to handle/deal with a lazy child:

1. Don’t make it too easy:

Let your child learn the importance of valuing things. Don’t make it easy by simply giving in to his/her demands. Rather set an allowance which will motivate them and give them rewards for the tasks they have completed. This will also raise financial responsibility in them.

Providing an allowance will let them earn the privileges to choose to watch their favorite movie or having friends at home or buying an ice-cream.

2. Be an example:

There’s a famous quote, “Children learn from what you are than what you teach” – be a good role model for them because your child is always watching you and hence will imitate your actions whether good or bad.
If you wish to raise a responsible kid who does the household chores efficiently and independently, finishing the homework on time, and so on then live the example of lively and energetic parent and not the lazy one.

3. Set expectations:

Provide a set of instructions – your expectations should be clear and concise so your child knows what exactly he/she has to do. Rather than pushing them to do the everyday chores, make age-appropriate tasks list which lets your kid knows what all chores are to be done. Your list should also include expected deadline so your child makes sure that it is completed well on time.

lazy kids
image source – http://raising-teaching-children.blogspot.com/2016/04/involving-kids-in-cleaning-chores.html

4. Get kids involved in the kitchen:

Involve your child for simple tasks like washing the vegetables, chopping them etc. while preparing meals, serving them on the table etc. You can also take them along for grocery shopping which will be an interesting activity for them. They would learn some critical things like budget planning, choosing things, etc.

5. Make sharing and volunteering a habit:

Let your child learn to share and give. With the majority of the families now having “only one kid”, the child hardly learns to share. Let your child volunteer in various events where the idea is to encourage. When your child learns to give back, they also learn to be grateful for what they have and appreciate the art of using their time of helping for a worthy cause.

Method 2 – Effective Parenting Tips – Steps For Parents:

lazy kids
image source – https://newsok.com/article/5558797/family-talk-letters-from-a-grown-up-son-about-involving-kids-in-chores

 1. Enjoy mother nature:

Encourage more outdoor activities. Have more outdoor activities planned with the family which helps lighten up their mood, makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. If you have a pet, take him along with your child on hiking or do some gardening activity together which in turn makes your child feel re-energized.

2. Stop judging them:

No one will get A’s in every test or will have perfect scores in every homework. Your kid needs a healthy push which encourages him/her to try and give best rather than judging them for poor performance.

Know that the setbacks are a natural thing and the only way to improve is to let your kid figure out on their own of what happens when they are unprepared. This could turn out to be a great learning motivation by letting your children experience the impacts which will help them improve where they are lacking.

3. Faith Instead Of Concern:

“I trust you that you’ll manage yourself well” – it is one of the most encouraging lines that parents should tell their kids.

Having faith in your kid and showing them often will always motivate them. Provide encouragement when they are performing and talk about how much you enjoyed watching them. Appreciate their efforts they have put.


4. Figure out activities that capture their interest:

Encourage your kids to discover what they liked to do the most, what they are passionate about. It will take some time to get there hence it is important that you support your child motivation on their journey towards their passion and urge them to keep going.

5. Have regular family activity days:

Step away for a few hours from the gadgets and go outdoors. The best ways to motivate your kid is by incorporating him/her in regular family activities. This could include movie times, playing in the park, spending time with elderly people or, having a picnic. Finding 20 minutes here and there to outdoors trips may seem like taking more time of your day but the benefits are long term.

Method3 – Teaching Your Child About Work Ethics

lazy kids
image source – https://www.inspiremore.com/moms-genius-strategy-to-motivate-her-lazy-kids-will-make-you-laugh/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=HAHO&utm_campaign=partner

1. Provide rewards and incentives for doing chores:

An allowance can be offered as a reward for completing the chores. Explain the importance of finishing the chores to earn rewards. However, offering a meager amount of allowance is again a personal choice, the primary aim is to make them responsible and teach work ethics

2. Give your child a time frame to complete chores:

Most parents are seen asking their child to hurry up with their chores. Give some time to complete their chores, understand they are not adults hence will need more time to understand and do it well. Instead of saying, “do it now” you can offer them with some deadline saying, “You have time until 6 pm to do the laundry.”

3. Try to make work fun for them:

Assign the chores that your child loves to do. When your kid is given their favorite work, not only they enjoy doing them but they do it efficiently and correctly. If possible, try making their chores as fun games. For example, turn on the music.

Try offering a reward based challenge especially when you have more than one kid. Have turns, and let them pick up different chore so that they have exposure toward different kinds of work.

lazy kids
Image Source – http://www.greattelangaana.com/praise-kids-no-holds-bar/feelings81/

4. Praise them for small success:

Emphasize on their efforts. It is okay if your child fails to complete the task as suggested, but he/she has put an effort and tried. Hence, it is not important to get A’s as far as your child is putting 100% of genuine efforts in whichever tasks he/she takes up. Appreciate their small victories.

5. Break the big tasks into small chunks:

If your kid is handling some big task or a project, help them figure out how to do smart work. Help them strategize the work into manageable parts. You can support them in making a step by step to-do list ensuring that the chore/project is completed successfully and on time.

Closing Thoughts:

In an era that desires quick fixes, we want amazing children without hard work. Parenting is a tough job, and to keep your kids motivated all the time is exhausting. The above mentioned positive parenting tips are highly effective in motivating lazy kids.

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