29 May

Make storytelling a ritual for your kids


Telling stories to kids from a very young age develops their social and emotional skills. This kind of interaction also helps in bonding and enhances sensory skills. Read more to make these reading sessions interesting.

How to make storytelling sessions interesting?

1. Start young:

Stories have the potential to create a huge impact on toddlers and kids. Thus it is of utmost importance that the right kind of stories is told to kids at the right age. Also, it is usually beneficial to instill this habit among kids at a very age because at this they are in a position to grasp things quickly and in a better way. Thus this helps them to become quick learners.

2. Describe as much as possible:

It is advisable to the parents that they try to describe the scenes of the story in the best possible way because there are chances that the child may not be able to interpret some situations of the story. By explaining it in detail the child can have a beautiful experience of listening to the story, and as they say that god lies in the details, you may not know what learning the child may get from this activity.

3. Pictures speak louder than words:

It is so often seen that images or pictures tend to have a lasting effect on the minds of people. Same is the case when it comes to children. More than words, images impact largely and thus the kids tend to remember for a longer period of time.

4. Act it out:

You might narrate a story and the child will enjoy it. But imagine what will happen when you include actions or perform the whole story. You may bring the characters of the story to life and hence the child will also be able to be a part of it. You may be thinking, how will it help the child? Well, this will help the child look at the world with a much larger vision and perception. This will eventually help him have an edge over his friends or classmates in terms of imagination and creativity.

5. Doodle instead of narrating:

Have you ever thought of drawing/sketching characters of a story instead of just narrating them? Never? Well, it can work wonders for your child. Doodling can help the child to retain information for a longer period of time and help, stay focused. It also helps to express emotions in a better way so that that the child can easily come to know, what is being told.

Next time when you narrate a story to your child, don’t forget to implement these ways in your storytelling style. You would be quite surprised to see the results it generates.

Closing thoughts:

Storytelling is indeed a means to tie the parents and the kids in one single bond and create long-lasting memories. Also, storytelling teaches some integral life lessons which the kids can cherish all their life.

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