09 Apr

Tips for managing your kids during vacations to help make it relaxing for everyone

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Summer vacations or spring breaks are the happiest times of the year for kids! How they love to dump their school bags for a month or to make merry. Poor things, after all the “schooling” through the year, they deserve it as well. 
I know, I know, don’t roll your eyes at that sympathy. I know that managing the high-energy kids during their breaks and keeping them engaged can nerve wrecking for you parents. That’s where your buddy Aditi comes to rescue!
Here are some tips for managing your little bundles of energy during their vacation break:

  • Maintain your schedule: That’s right. As boring as that sounds, maintaining your and your kids’ schedule right down to their school-day mealtimes and bedtimes, with a wee bit of slacking (we are fun-loving humans after all), would help you engage them better.
  • Get outdoors: If not elaborate outings and staycations, you can plan small treks, walks in your neighbourhood, even a picnic in the park. Kids find joy in the little things!
  • Give them responsibilities: Make them learn ownership. Give them little household or other small chores like folding the blankets, helping out in the kitchen, watering the plants, or even just getting the door always.
  • Bring out the boardgames! Yes, teach them to ditch the video games and TV for an hour or so in a day, before bedtime, when you will have some free time and play a board game with them or even cards. You can also try having a story reading session. Or tell them stories!
  • Teach them to have fun on their own: Yes, this will go a long way in helping them be joyful human beings, even when the grow up. Write to me, and I will tell you where to find the video which’ll tell you how to teach this to your kids!

And for you dear parent, subscribe for our video course and make the most of this vacation time!

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