14 Nov

How Mad, Glad and Sad Technique Has Helped WOW Parents

Have you implemented Mad, Glad and Sad technique yet?

Some of our WOW Parents used this technique and experienced some amazing moments with their children.

WOWParent- Tushar Tandel

Mr. Tushar Tandel focuses on giving undivided attention to his children. He realized that “Communication is the key”. He shares his wonderful experience on using mad, glad and sad technique.

“I have started giving my kids undivided attention from last 2 weeks. I call Sara (daughter) everyday at 2 pm. We talk for about 10 to 15 min. It’s all about her, what fun she had, what did she learn, what she ate, etc.?  She definitely feels valued & our bond is getting stronger.

Shaurya (son) and I speak around 10.30 pm before going to bed. He is just eagerly waiting for Glad, Mad and Sad, and has lots of questions. He is a very curious child. I ask him for his mad, sad and glad moments. In return he would ask me the same. Sometimes he asks me questions related to my office. For example why you went to BANGALORE? Why you visit customers? How many jobs you have done in past? What will be your next job? How much sale you did today? Did you get money for that? Of course he tests my patience but I do answer his questions. I love these discussions with him. I find him very intelligent and matured. This new bonding has been possible because of Mad, Glad and Sad technique.

WOWParent- Kuldeep Ruchandani

  When he saw the video on Lack of Communication, he understood the importance of quality in communication.

“We as a family, everyday, do share with each other about what made each one of us ‘Mad, Sad and Glad”.

It is helping us a lot to open up lots of beautiful conversation within the family. Thanks Naren for introducing this to us.”



It’s never too late. Implement this technique if you haven’t done it yet and share your experience with us.

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