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Learn how sunny leone kids are being raised up?

sunny leone kids


Sunny Leone is an international celeb and one of the most searched celebrities today. But we are not discussing her past. We are discussing her new phase in life which she started a few months ago. Some time back, Sunny with her husband, Daniel Weber, adopted a baby girl “Nisha”. And also became parents to twins “Asher” and “Noah” through surrogacy. Though we may feel that Sunny and parenting are two opposite worlds, it doesn’t seem like when we look at Sunny Leone kids.

How Sunny Leone Plans To Raise Kids?

This 36-year-old actress has opened up about this new parenting phase in her life and how it has changed her as a person. When she was asked about adopting a child and not having her own kid, Sunny said that she always wanted to adopt a girl child and give her a good family and positive atmosphere. She feels blessed that her husband Daniel is on the same page when it comes to parenting. Daniel was completely in support of her decision.
Sunny Leone’s primary focus was to adjust her daughter into a new life. Sunny also shared that she and Daniel want their kids to be independent, and who can decide their respective careers. As parents, she and Daniel will always be there to help and support their kids in their decisions.

Sunny Leone Kids – Daughter Nisha, and Sons Asher & Noah:

Sunny Leone and Daniel were planning to have their own babies since a long time, but due to some medical reasons it wasn’t possible and that was when the decision to adopt “Nisha Kaur Weber” came. Without looking at her background, health status or color, Sunny Leone went ahead for her adoption.

Sunny Leone has time and again expressed that her husband is her pillar of strength. Daniel, who is a musician by profession, shares that there is not even one aspect of his life where he doesn’t seek his star wife’s opinion.

Sunny and Daniel surprised everyone last year when they made an announcement of adopting a baby girl from Latur. They again gave another surprise last year in March by announcing that they had expanded their family by including 2 more kids — sons Noah and Asher – through surrogacy. For Daniel and Sunny, embracing parenthood has been a big but a beautiful change.

Sunny blissfully conveys that the kids have made it possible to complete the family. Hence that’s the reason the work seems to be have taken a back seat for Sunny and Daniel both as they are busy with their kids’ chores – everything from picking up daughter from school, to reading the books, to feeding them and more! All these tasks have been sorted by both.

sunny leone kids
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Daniel says that Sunny influences everything he does in his life. They discuss everything – not always about their relationship but in terms of business as well.
Though the adoption journey wasn’t easy, as the legalities and paperwork were humungous. But in the end, when Nisha was with Sunny everything felt right. Sunny says she’s the most beautiful girl and feels so blessed after adopting her.
Sunny Leone chooses to overlook the society’s standards of ‘a perfect child’ by following her heart. Though the news of her adoption did face a lot of criticism because of her past career choices but as it is said, “All’s well that ends well”.

Closing Thoughts:

Why we fail to understand that Sunny too is a human being. She is a woman who craves to have a child and wants to experience the joy of parenthood. No matter what anyone says, all that really counts is the love, warmth, good parenting, and affection with which she plans to raise her kids. We wish Sunny and Daniel all the best for their new role!

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