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Parents these days are doing so much to ensure that their kids get the best of everything. Right from sending kids to exceptionally good schools to getting them home tutoring, teaching them swimming, skating and what not, parents are trying to do a lot. All this stems from the desire to set kids up for a successful happy life ahead, which is great.
Good grades are definitely important, and developing hobbies is a great idea as well. However, for the pace at which world is evolving and becoming uber competitive, kids need more than what they learn otherwise. Kids, these days, need life lessons.
What kind of life lessons, you ask?
There are a multitude of life lessons that need to be taught to kids. They are all explained wonderfully in our parenting videos. However, here we will look at just the ones that are necessary for kids. The eight critical abilities that we need to hone in our kids so that they have a better tomorrow. Let’s look at these eight critical abilities:

  1. The Ability to Ask questions. This ability helps people learn. Asking questions without hesitating is the first step towards being a self-starter and a self-learner. The world out there needs people who can learn on their own. Therefore, we need to develop in our kids, the ability to ask questions.

    2. The Ability to Solve problems: Problem solving is an essential trait at work and in our personal lives. Those who can solve problems being unfazed and with equanimity are winners in life. If we can help our kids learn how to solve every problem that comes their way, without stressing out, we would do them a huge favor.

    3. The Ability to Work on Projects: Now this trait here is something adults need to learn throughout their lives. The ability to handle every task, like a project. Planning, back planning, executing. This is the crux of accomplishing every goal. If only we could teach this to kids from a young age, how independent and ready for life they would be!
  1. Honing the skill of Independent Thinking: We need independent thinkers in this world. People with strong values, who would not compromise on their morality. Those who will stand by what is right, with their heads held high. We need to bring up such kids. We need to bring up independent thinkers who would go on to be amazing leaders.
  1. Learning the art of Handling Failure: We definitely need to teach our kids that it’s absolutely okay to fail. IN fact, it’s good to fail sometimes. But the most important part of failure is learning from it. Learning what not to do the next time. Learning about our strengths and failures. And even about of other things. If we could teach our kids to handle failure, we would be setting them up for a more joyful life minus dissatisfactions.
  1. Honing in them, A Spirit of Adventure: We all need to carry a spirit of adventure in a life. A zest to explore new things. A keenness to take some risks. Throw caution in the wind and live it up. That’s the only way that we would learn to welcome the surprises that life throws at us and even deal with them coolly. Therefore, we need to bestow our kids with the a spirit of adventure.
  1. Your kids telling you, “I am Happy By Myself!” If kids learn to be joyful and happy by themselves, they will never feel look for happiness outside. Imagine kids learning such an important life lesson when they are young! This is absolutely powerful stuff. This way, they will always look for joy within and not without. There are simple fun ways to help kids imbibe this trait right from when they are five years old. Watch the video to know more.
  1. Teaching them Warmth: To bring up kind, compassionate kids, we need to teach them how to be warm, helpful and loving in general. We need to model these traits ourselves! It’s easy. Simply watch the video and see for yourself how simple and powerful this could be.

These are just a few of the life skills that will help kids soar in their lives. It will set them up for a happy, successful, meaningful life. Give it a shot, I say. Go watch the videos and help your kids learn powerful, beautiful values and skills.

Parenting Coach/Expert @ WOW Parenting Naren is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist, he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change every human being’s life journey to something phenomenal. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.

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