23 Aug

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I met my school friend recently, who is a mother of a cute five-year-old boy Jay. I was at her place for a cup of coffee. Her husband Kumar, was busy with his phone. Jay was taking his nap.
She was sharing with me how sometimes, parenting can be daunting. She mentioned wistfully that managing work and home often looked easier.
After returning home from a stress filled at work, she needed her Jay to co-operate with her. However, his endless drama over not wanting to eat, sleep, study, sometimes even play, irritated her no ends! She was clueless about concerns like…

  1. How to not upset her child, yet discipline him?
  2. How to teach him values yet teach him to be street smart.
  3. How to help him deal with new challenges and also let him be independent.

Some days were so hard that she did not know where to get sound and reasonable parenting advice from.
She looked lost and sounded helpless. That’s when her husband Kumar, who had been busy browsing on his phone till then, suddenly looked up and chimed in, “You should ask my mom. She is terrific with kids. Or, why not ask your own mom?!”
She shook her head. She was like “They were parents ages ago. They just don’t get my struggles. They don’t understand “aaj kal ke bacche!”
I simply scribbled the name of our website on the back of my visiting card. And I left the visiting card by the side of the coffee mug in which she had just served some incredible whipped coffee!
Do you face parenting dilemmas just as my friend Anamika does? You should definitely check out our online parenting program. It has a plethora of videos on numerous parenting topics. These videos are short, fun, and easily accessible on our website and app. The videos are full of practical tips to tackle all sorts of parenting challenges and bring up a loving, kind, incredible child.
You also get access to lots of supporting content in this parenting program. You get to read parenting articles, take quizzes to understand your parenting style, and even get short points to quickly refer to the topics covered in the videos.
And then there are stories by fellow parents and our team, with some anecdotes to help you unwind and laugh. However, the best part of our parenting program, after the videos, is our Q&A section. Here you can ask us your parenting queries. You can really ask us anything at all about parenting and get a sound, logical, simple solution in return. You should check out the numerous “publicly” posted parenting queries and their replies in our Q&A section. You can also post the questions in a private mode, such that no one else gets to access your question. This section, along with our videos, has helped many parents overcome their unique parenting challenges.
Having a virtual parenting coach in your life, in the form of a parenting program like ours ensures that your parenting journey is fun and peaceful. It ensures that someone always has your back, whatever kind of hurdle comes up in your parenting journey. The program ensures that you are equipped to deal with anything at all, that comes your way. That you are equipped to bring up successful, happy, emotionally strong kids, without having to make parenting a stressful ordeal.
You get to access the program anytime, at your convenience. Moreover, our platform is absolutely non-judgemental. We let you be, and let you learn at your own pace. We are here, 24 by 7, whenever you need us. Even when you don’t, we reach out to with nuggets of wisdom and love in your email inbox. Want to give this a shot? Sign up for our free trail round and watch yourself fall in love with parenting and the program.
Here’s to wow parenting!

Parenting Coach/Expert @ WOW Parenting Naren is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist, he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change every human being’s life journey to something phenomenal. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.

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