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How being a mom can change your professional career for good!

positive effects of working moms

“I am a working mother and this gives me very little time to spend with my children. I am worried if they will even grow happily!”

Do working moms help their kids grow in happy adults?

Don’t you worry super-mom! We are here to assure you that your children will definitely grow into happy adults.

It turns out that the children of working mothers are just as same happy as that of the homemaker mothers. Says who?

In recent Harvard research, Kathleen McGinn disclosed, “The daughters of the working mother are most likely to hold supervisory responsibilities. They are more likely to be employed. Sons have always being functioned to get employed, so they don’t need their mothers as a role model. The benefit here is that sons spend more time with their family. They spend more hours each week, caring for their family members.”

She also puts out the beneficial measures of mothers working at the early age of children. This boosts the children’s academic performances slightly more. Children start to being responsible with little things in their early ages. This helps to develop their behaviour towards themselves and people around them.

This research wasn’t based on merely 1 or 2 countries. It has the data recorded for decades from 24 different countries around the world. So, yes! You can believe this.

How does a working mom positively impact her child?

1. Working moms are positively powerful role models:

Being a working mother the idea of ‘Balancing it all’ isn’t pragmatic. You have to make choices every day. You have to set boundaries over and on everything you do. Life becomes incredibly changing, more than often. But, working outside and juggling through choices every day gives your children an absolute powerful role model.

With your daily struggles, you teach your children working ethics. They learn it, beforehand that success takes daily commitment. It requires to work hard every day. Another thing as a role model you display is admirable organisational skills. The way you plan regularly for things to roll in order is essential than anything else. Children learn to adapt these qualities at early ages. As a result, they grow responsible and prompt about the activities in their own lives.

2. You raise independent kids:

As you stay out, working, children tend to grow more responsible. This gives them the benefit to make their own choices. For instance; You are running late for work. You don’t have enough time to prepare breakfast or lunch. Your children will by now, be able to cook their own snack.

This was just an example. In reality, if you see, children learn to decide for themselves. Even if it is a small thing or choice, they get the liberty to do that. Sure, you will be there to guide them. You will teach them the difference between right and wrong. A sense of independence, hence, is sparked in them right from the beginning. Independent children will likewise grow independently, having their own taste of life.

3. The skill of managing quality time with your children:

It might be 9:00-6:00 or 10:00-6:00, you don’t get the choice to spend an entire day with children. Whatever time you have in hand, you truly plan through it. Some days you play with them, while some days you talk. Sometimes, you rush to get your task done and get some time off for 2 days trip.

When children get some perished time with you, it turns into great memories. These memories and momentums you have, impact a great deal on them.

4. Children do better academically:

Kathleen McGinn researched the academic skills of children of working mothers. You will be surprised to know that these children do slightly better academically than otherwise.

positive effects of working moms

With responsibilities and independence, children can see the hard work you do for your job. This quality is appreciated and more than often adapted by children. With good academics, children get a good review of the quality of life they expect professionally.

5. Children’s emotional development isn’t affected:

In our working mothers article ‘With ‘LITTLE’ investment of time how to excel as a parent?’ we have explained how 15 minutes a day can help you excel as a parent. Yes! 15 minutes, daily will, in fact, help you bond with your children. It will help you understand and convey your thoughts to them.

Children of working mothers don’t necessarily face emotional problems. The effects of a working mother on children development can be surprisingly positive. Mothers have little time to spend with children, but that time is and should be well utilized. This helps them grow emotionally strong. In case, you have difficulty in spending a quality amount of time with them, do visit the blog mentioned above.

6. Positive effect on kids behavioural issue:

The Harvard research on working mother and their children also states a constructive behavioural effect on children. Children of working moms, often stay at daycares or home on their own. It provides them with numerous occasions to have one-on-one interaction with people. This enhances their conversational and behavioural skills as an individual.

7. Children learn to be flexible:

You have planned a trip to a hill station for 7 days. Tomorrow you are supposed to start your journey, but, you get a last minute call from your manager. He wants you to finish your task, urgently. This somehow leads to postponing the trip. Here, you stay flexible for anything that might come in the way.

In such scenarios, children accept the possibilities and obstacles. This is merely an example of the kind of flexibility children adapt. Being a working mother, flexibility means everything for you. It helps you adjust things and chores in your life. With you being flexible, children learn to accept this quality as well, which is immensely important for a person to be happy.

8. Early lessons on economics:

positive effects of working moms

Handling owns finance, working moms pass on the management skill to their children. They encourage their children to take responsibilities of their spendings. Children learn early managing their pocket allowance. They learn the value of savings.

Kathleen McGinn says, “No one can have it all. The necessity for choices is what life is all about. You wake up and you make choices. Our research suggests that ‘If you have to make a choice to have a career, be something you put a lot of time and effort into, make that choice. Your children are just going to be fine.”

Closing thoughts:

The effects of working mother on family and children are miraculously positive. If you are a working mother, we assure you that your children are growing to be happy and wise adults. Simply, focus on spending quality time doing whatever you do. Manage your time with your work, your children and family. Make sure wherever you are, you give your best.

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