25 Mar

Que: My son is 3.5 year old and active in home but don’t play with other kids

Hello Sir, My son is 3.5 year old. He is active all day long, very naughty and very loud but only at home. whenever? out he just want us…he want us to play he doesn’t like to play with kids. i tried a lot but still he is same. please help me so that i can build some social behaviour in him. And my biggest problem is his eating habit, he can drink milk any no of time in a day. but when it comes to have something like chapati vegetables and rice he just run away. i tried of giving him something he like whenever he finish his lunch..but no use ended up with only eating chocolate. i stopped giving him chocolate and chips etc. but still he will be hungry all day but won’t eat food…i spend almost one hour every time to feed single small roti…that to very tiring process playing with him and just putting a small piece in his mouth and from that small piece he take another smaller one and throwing rest. I started shouting even beating sometimes, gave threats but no improvement. he is only getting rude. pl help

Answer By: Naren

Hi Pradnya, Find out what is distracting her? That is the only reason she is losing focus and a sense of priority. Sort that out and your kid will be focussed again.

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