10 Mar

Musical Instruments

Nutshell To warm up physically by discharging tensions held up in the body.

To establish trust and generate a sense of intimacy among members.

To generate body awareness.

Duration 30 mins
People 2 – 5
  1. Parents and kids divide themselves in pairs.
  2. Each pair distribute themselves in open space and name each other “A” and “B”.
  3. “A’s” pose as the “instrument” and “B’s” as the “players”.
  4. “A’s” stand up straight but relaxed, take a deep breath, and begin to exhale producing a uniform, consistent sound (preferable using the vowel “a”).
  5. They repeat the sound for three consecutive breaths.
  6. Meanwhile, “B’s” move “A’s” bodies, swing their limbs, play with their face, shoulders, etc. tapping on various parts of their bodies so as to alter the sound they produce.
  7. After 3 consecutive breaths, they swap roles; everyone should play at least twice in each role.


1. The sound should be altered only by the player – not by the instrument.

2. On the second round, “players” to should sense where their “instruments”

are holding up tension and try to help them discharge the sound from there.

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Debriefing This activity helps a parents and kids to have a lot of fun.

It helps them to probable touch barriers.

It also helps to enhance creativity and imagination.

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