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14 activities to help, get rid of boredom in children

boredom in children


“I’m bored” is one of that phrases parents dread to hear from their kids. Children bored soon especially during their vacation time as there’ no school to occupy their time.

Looking for things to do when bored for kids? How to overcome boredom? Many parents are finding it frustrating in keeping their child busy “avoiding boredom”.

Searching activities that help keep your child busy or engaged for long on the Internet can help the majority of the stuff listed is “boring” for your kid.

We parents will always provide some immediate solution to our kids when they are bored, offering them some gadgets to play, or some other structured activities. Have you ever thought the reason behind your kid developing boredom? Why are they restless most of the time?

From where does this boredom among kids erupt?

Boredom is a common feeling in kids. To feel irritated, unsatisfied or uninterested by any activity can lead to boredom. Boredom occurs when your kid feels energetic but has no idea where to direct his energy. Boredom is a common complaint among children

You or child may become bored while engaged in an activity, due to:

1. loss of interest
2. confusing instructions
3. fear of making a mistake
4. repetition of the activity for too much time
5. feeling unable to try new approaches to the activity

A bored child may want to be engaged and may be easily engaged when you offer something “fun” for them to do, whereas a depressed child may avoid it.

Some children bored can’t adequately describe their feelings hence can figure out the interesting activities that help in dealing with boredom.

How should parents handle boredom in children?

You can help your child cope up with boredom feelings by engaging in various summer activities for kids. So, when they come complaining to you about feeling bored, cheer up them, engage them into some kind of conversation.

Try to understand why they are feeling this way and address it without questioning their feelings. Take time to help them recognize the causes of their boredom and find creative solutions.

For the best results:

  1. Never question your bored child
  2. Avoid responding to your child’s complaints of boredom by getting angry, impatient or rudely.
  3. Choose to ask open-ended questions to stimulate their creativity in finding interesting solutions to overcome their boredom.
  4. Recognize that your child’s complaint of boredom could be temporary. It may be their way of trying to seek your attention or asking to participate with them to play.
  5. Help your child recognize other kinds of emotional issues or feelings which he might have mistaken as boredom.
  6. Help your child find an engaging activity or one you can participate in together.


boredom in children
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15 Fun activities for kids at home & outdoors:

1. Put out a play:

This is a great boredom buster activity. Your children can choose to create simple age-appropriate plays to act. Gather a couple of his friends to make it more interesting.

You can help them with the costumes by using some of your clothes from your wardrobe get it temporary crafted from the paper materials. It will turn out to be a major fun and engaging for your kids.

2. Ask them to make a gratitude board:

This is a new concept that you can put to practice with your kid. Ask your kid to make small cuttings for the things they are grateful in life. The board will come up really creative and will make great craft masterpiece for their room.

3. Drawing murals on your outside wall:

For an art enthusiastic kid, this can be a great engaging activity. Allow them to have their flow of creativity drawing murals on the walls. Your outdoor home walls are perfect to the chalkboard and can be cleaned with water easily.

4. Encouraging them to write letters:

In this online world where everything is communicated through emails, writing letters can be an awesome idea. Let your child choose a family member to write a letter. This not only encourages them to have creative writing skills but they will learn and value this old-fashioned communication.

5. Make a “when I Grow Up” poster:

Ask your child to think about what he wants to be when he grows up. Once he has decided on something, ask him to make poster/banner about the career he chose to go with. Encourage your kid to use a computer, or a smartphone to look up facts about the career she’s chosen.

6. Making your own lunch:

If you have an 8 year or elder kids, they can definitely participate in this activity. Ask them to make their lunch; you can help them with the basics like cooking, chopping, etc.

7. Create snack art:

One of the best summer vacation ideas and pretty engaging. Give your kid a few snack items and encourage them to use their creative skills to make snack art.

8. Collecting rocks & painting them:

Yeah, it is fun. You can ask your child to collect different shaped rocks or if you are staying near the beach have them collect the shells and paint them, help them to get ideas from the Internet.

9. Ask them to fix stuff:

When their toys break, ask them to fix them. When things become too old to use, take them apart and see how they work. Be careful when dealing with electronic devices. And keep any parts that may be used for something else. Younger kids need a little more help in fixing things than older ones, which is fine. Get them involved in the process.

10. Do some Yoga:

There are different types of kids’ yoga available on YouTube. Make a playlist ahead of time so that it’s ready to go when they choose this option.

11. Bake cookies:

Either you can help them yourself or get them enrolled in the kid’s baking classes which nowadays are very much in trend.
Kids love baking and this is another activity that helps them feel doing something with their skills.

12. Have a dance party:

Call your kid’s friends for a dance party at your place. It will fun and energetic. Create a playlist with your kids ahead of time. By the time they’re done dancing and singing along to their favorite songs, they’ll be exhausted.

13. Making handmade birthday cards:

Birthday cards are essential things which are needed often. Ask your child to pour their creativity by making colorful birthday cards. Buy them different craft stuff to get started.

14. Getting the blog on:

This activity is slightly for older kids who are well-versed with technology. A kid must be 13 years or older to start his own blog.

Having a blog is a great way to share one’s interests and initiate interaction. You as a parent need to help your child make decisions like what sorts of interests do you and your kids have in common? What kind of blog can you start together and work on as a family?.

Closing thoughts:

When you look at the list of 14 ideas mentioned in this article, what do you observe? None of them have anything to do with going to the mall to buy stuff. These awesome fun summer activities ideas you and your kids can easily put to use, using the resources you already have at home.

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