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Equal opportunities, indulging the feminine, freedom and flight

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Hello people! Here we feature stories of people in conversation with Naren. When Naren meets people, he invariably gets them to open up for a warm, inspiring, and sometimes rib-tickling conversations. In such chats, beautiful stories are shared, and so many of them are musings on parenting! Here’s one such story by 50-something Mamta Shah, from a humble background, who shares somethings about her father, which gives huge insights into how her father shaped her views of feminism, equal opportunities, freedom, confidence, and even self belief. Read on, without further ado. The story is verbatim, with all the errors that make it real, vulnerable, and gorgeous.
When I was in 8th grade, from that time my papa cultivated the habit in me, of going to Mumbai alone. I traveled alone at such a young age! He always wanted me to do all that I wanted. He trusted me immensely. He had full confidence in me. My parents gave me the liberty of taking my own decision from an early age. Thanks to their great parenting, I was able to do almost all the work a woman does as well as the ones that are thought of as a man’s work in a family. Twenty five days ago, my dad was hospitalized. Everyday I used to make breakfast, lunch, dinner then I would go to the hospital. My young son took care of everything at home, from helping the younger siblings, sending tiffin to his daddy to his own homework. I unknowingly passed on my parents’ self belief, confidence and empowerment to my child!
I m blessed to have great parents as well as super kids.
Mamta Paresh Shah”
So heartfelt. So beautiful. Do you have an inspiring parenting story to tell us? Do share with us here!
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