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How to Improve Social Skills in Your Child?

A human being is a social animal! We all have read that line in our science book. It is still there in our children’s book and we read it out to them too. It means a human being has a few social skills instilled in them by birth. And these skills must be developed for the better and successful future of the child.
As grown-ups, we wish to go out, socialize, hang out and spend time with our friends or family. That is because we understand the value of it. Similarly, as a parent we want our kids to socialize. Be a part of social groups, activities and adapt various social skill.
But, according to one report, it is a fact, that children are found lonely, bored and impatient nowadays. The reason is they don’t socialize and the lack of development of the social skills.
But what is the big worry about it?
Why should parents take the child’s social skills seriously?
Let’s find out the reason first.

Why children aren’t socializing?

Screen Time Addiction.
The major reason is the digital addiction. Children demand to be in front of the screen more and more than socializing. And if they are hesitant to socialize, their social skills will be undeveloped.
It’s not that the children don’t have friends, they have virtual friends and they are interacting more on social media platforms than exploring outside and socializing. This is ultimately resulting in children failing to handle interpersonal social situations.
Personality Traits-
Sometimes being an introvert is a personality trait some child may have. But it doesn’t mean that they will not succeed. They just have to work a little harder and they can get comfortable with a set of people too.
Parents themselves are the reason too-
Yes, it is a time for self-examination too. Because with the busy lifestyles, parents themselves are not socializing themselves and are unable to take their children to explore the outside world. Hence they tend to lock themselves in the room and get connected on social media to their friends. They avoid meeting them too. Their interest in going out reduces. Instead of social skills, their social media skills are getting developed.
Now that sounds serious, right?
If this is the case, then it’s the time to take this seriously and on priority.
Don’t worry. It is not as difficult as you thought of.

How to teach social skills to children easily?

Play an Eye Contact Game.

Maintaining an Eye contact says a lot! It signifies that we are listening to and respecting the other person. We all have played this game in a school as a part of the fun. We look into our partner’s eye and the one who blinks the eye loses the game. Remember?
Try and play this game with your children too. But, this time the game can be depicted in a very different manner.
There are two types of people, Shy and Scared. When they are scared they won’t look into the eyes and a shy child will do that but will lose the game. Playing this game often in the house will reduce the fear and shyness both. So, find it out if your kid is shy or scared.  Now, let’s look at these types differently.

A Shy Kid.

 Being shy is a choice. Such kids are more comfortable and happy with himself. But, it doesn’t stop his progress. Shyness is about the personality trait. Shy children can talk but only with the right people and about their favorite topic.
For example- There’s one boy who is shy. And loves football. If he has got friends who are football lover too. You will observe him talking about it with that group of people for hours. The kid is more comfortable with them than others, maybe even more than his own parents.
There is another positive side to it. An introvert kid has fewer distractions while studying. Since they are less interested in going out. They are more focused on what they are doing.

A Scared Kid.

On the other hand, being scared is a matter of scared. A concern is about how do I reduce the fear. If your kid is scared. It will be a lay back for the child. It is at utmost important to understand if the child is shy or scared. Playing this game often will reduce the fear of the people and uncomfortableness. Ask them to look at you while they are talking to you. Once their fear of people decreases it won’t take long to encourage them to be a socialite.

Exposure to New Places.

One of the very interesting ways to develop social skill is making children explore the various types of places.
For example –  Taking children to places like a reading club. It will not just help them socialize, but will also increase their intellectual level.  Children will understand what book reading is and how various readers uses voice modulations and its impact on reading? Their exposure to various genres of books will be higher. Include the child in the discussions too. Ask them about the meaning of a new word that they learned today. They will be eager as well and will search for the word. And they will be happy to share the same with others. This will encourage them to visit the place again. Their socialization, communication, and knowledge will increase.
Isn’t it a positive way to help child socialize.

Model a good social behavior.

Every basic training of the child starts first at home. The school and teacher will obviously teach about value education, but to inculcate social skills, parents should be the first role models for the children. They are the first teachers as children learn maximum from their parents at their early age. They observe and adapt what their parents are doing.
Be polite to other parents and kids, and kids will imitate. Be rude to others, they will be rude too

Forcing will not help.

Think about a situation where you and your little one are in the garden.  You observe that your little one is not talking to others, not interested in playing, is feeling shy to ask for the space on the ride. In such situations, instead of forcing them, you just ask them, what is bothering them. What is it that is stopping them from having fun as that was the motive?
Do not shout at them if they do not listen. It urges to internalize things and stops them from sharing things. They will try to keep thing to themselves. Your positive words and lines can support the children to be optimistic.
We always wish for the best for our little souls. Let’s help them socialize and gain more real-life experiences that will help grow, explore and achieve.
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Parenting Coach/Expert @ WOW Parenting Naren is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist, he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change every human being’s life journey to something phenomenal. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.

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