28 Feb

11 Age-appropriate chores for your kids

chores for kids

We want to make our children responsible and supportive. Teaching daily chores to the children can be one of the easiest ways to help children do things independently. Children are fast learners. Having daily chores for kids in place can make them mature. They may not complete chores as per our expectations but they will learn as they grow.

But the important thing is to start as early as possible. Begin with the simple tasks.

Before we give any chores to children- let’s remember the following things-

  1. You can begin giving chores to children even at the age of 2.
  2. Sometimes it may double the amount of time to complete the task. But let them do it at their own pace.
  3. Be patient. Don’t shout at them when they go wrong in the chores. Don’t give up on children. Consistency is extremely important to support and let children grow.
  4. Understand the workload that they can take.
  5. Know your child’s skills before assigning any chores.
  6. Teach them the chores. Be a role model.
  7. Prepare a chores chart. For younger children do not give more than 2-3 chores a day.
  8. Make sure that this chart is age-appropriate.
  9. Introduce a reward chart to appreciate, acknowledge and encourage children.
  10. To make it more perfect here is the list of chores for children according to the age.

Age-wise chores for kids:

chores for kids

Chores for kids of age 2-3 years:

1. Pick up/organize toys and books:

Some chores for children are more to teach them about discipline. Keeping toys at its place teaches children about discipline too.

2. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket:

Yet again another task that will teach about discipline and work ethics to the children.

3. Wipe spills:

Children are clumsy. They spill things on the floor. Teach them to clean it. It will help them learn cleanliness. They may not do it perfectly. But at least asking them to do it whenever they spill it will make them realize that they must clean up the mess that they create. Don’t expect perfection.

For kids ageing 4-5 years:

chores for kids
image source – https://www.aldenlane.com/

1. Watering the plants:

One of the simplest chores for children makes them water the plants. Tell them about the schedule. When they must water the plant and put in fertilizers. This way your chores are done and your children to learn about environmental awareness.

2. Help with making own bed:

Parents cannot be there with children all the time. We try our best to teach children about doing their own things. Start by telling them about making their own bed. But make sure you tuck them in when they are about to fall asleep. That is the best bonding time with your children. Wish them a good night.

3. Help in arranging groceries:

Take a helping hand from your little one to organize groceries. This way they know that they need to be responsible for kitchen chores as well. They must know what is kept where in case of an emergency.

Chores for age 6-8 year kids:

chores for kids

You can increase the number of chores for children here up to 4-5 tasks a day.

1. Hang out and sort out laundry:

Yes, your little one is now grown up. He can also handle the laundry. At least teach him to sort out his own clothes, fold it and keep it in cupboards.

2. Packing own lunch:

Make your children pack their own lunch.  They learn to be responsible for food. Teach them how you pack it without spilling it. Be there with them when they do it for security purposes. Observe them. Don’t forget to appreciate when they do it perfectly.

How and why to appreciate your child? Watch the video in our app!

3. Packing own school bag:

Yet another important task that the children must do by themselves. By the age of 6, children learn about schedules, are aware of their books and the things that they need for their day at school. Teach them to pack their own bags too. You can supervise them in the beginning. But let them do it independently later on.

4. Keeping the bedroom tidy:

Clean up your mess! Children must learn to keep their own bedroom neat and tidy. Your list of chores for children must include this task. Organizing their own room helps them develop their organizing skills. Their confidence is boosted. They feel they are important in the house. Plus, they know if they create a mess, they have to clean it up themselves.

5. Organize groceries:

Not just organizing, ask them to accompany you for the grocery shopping. Once you are back, take their help to organize it. Let your little one know which essentials are kept in which compartment.

So what to wait for? Chose the right chore for children. Watch them grow in a responsible person.

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