11 Feb

Golden Tips To Raise A Confident Child

confident child

How to raise a confident child? It’s painful to see your child struggling due to lack of self-assurance. Maybe he/she is simply lacking courage or shying away from the challenges. It’s a concern for every parent today for their kids who haven’t been able to develop self-assurance. Well, there are several things you can do as parents to improve their confidence. Want to know some inside tips?

Top Secrets Of Raising A Confident Child:

confident child
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1. Consider Your Compliments:

Whether your kid is learning to write or playing a new game, let your child get accustomed to hearing “you are doing great” or “well-done”. These small compliments for their accomplishments matter a lot and offer a major boost to their confidence levels.

Be specific with your feedback, such as when your kid is trying his/her hand at gardening, you may point out praising that how neat work he/she has done.
Small praises make a lot of difference in your child’s behavior and help them, feel confident about themselves.

2. Don’t Rescue Your Child:

It is obvious for every parent to liberate their kid when they are going through any difficulty. This will make them believe that you will be there every time to sort things out. Rescuing is good but it shouldn’t become a habit which makes your child “dependable”.

The key is to make them independent, and let them learn through their mistakes. Encourage your kids and support them to figure out their solutions to resolve problems.

3. Let Your Child Make Decisions:

Instill a habit of making them independent since a very young age. Allow them to make choices and take responsibilities for the same. Telling your kid what to wear, what to eat, when to sleep will not let them grow as a confident child. Your kid feels needy and tends to rely on you if you make decisions on their behalf.

4. Focus on the Glass Half Full:

When your child is feeling disappointed or defeated, help him/her see the brighter side of it by being optimistic. Encourage your child to think positive in everything he/she does. This will not only help, improve their situation but also, bring them closer to their goals. Make them understands that it is okay to make mistakes and everyone learns at their own pace.

confident child

5. Nurture His Special Interests:

Let your child get exposed to a variety of activities and let him/her choose accordingly what they like the most. Encourage them to excel in their areas of interest. Do not impose your opinions or ask them to participate in what you prefer them to do.

6. Promote Problem Solving Skills:

Kids are self-assured when they are able to convey their feelings. If your kid is coming to you, complaining about something, inspire him/her to fix the problem independently.
You can help your children by guiding them with simple ideas for e.g. “Why don’t you think of other ways of resolving the fight with your friend?” Or “what are the other ways of getting your favorite doll back?”

The idea is to let them know that they have the ability to handle the situation individually and can do it successfully.

7. Find Opportunities for Him/Her to Spend More Time with Adults

Spending time with their set of friends is great, but allow your kids to hang out with various age groups which also include elderly people. This will help expand your child’s horizon and help them get better exposure to the outer world.


confident child
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8. Remember that perfection is not the goal:

Resist your temptation to improve your child’s chores unless it is really crucial to do so. Frequently interfering in his/her tasks will undermine your child’s confidence and avert them from learning further.


confident child
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9. Don’t set him up for failure:

Offer your child with a structure which will help him succeed. It is obvious for you to step in and help but it is important that your kid learns a lesson. Rescuing is not the answer, it’s okay to fail and that is how they learn to deal with the problems and tackle things independently.

10. Don’t evaluate, empathize:

Instead of assessing your child’s efforts, refine your appreciation which doesn’t show like pitying or you are sympathizing. You can be more chilled out saying, “you should focus on practicing and eventually you’ll get there”.

11. Focus on Efforts, not Results:

Offer positive feedbacks and encourage them for improvement if it needs. The point is never the end results but how much efforts and dedication your child have put and praised them is important.

12. Model positive self-talk:

Positive self-talk has proved to be motivational when it comes to your child dealing with difficult tasks. Do not criticize him/her by saying, “You are no good” or “what a stupid kid you are”. It is kind of demotivating and destroys their self-esteem.

confident child
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Closing thoughts:

Here are a few things that experts suggest you to do to help raise a confident child and not pampered kids:
• Encourage curiosity
• Never criticize their performance
• Treat mistakes as building blocks for learning
• Give them new challenges
• Acknowledge their disappointments
• Celebrate their small victories

Think about the behavior you model, and make an effort to display the confidence you would like to see in your child. Before you know it, your child will be a confident person.

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