18 Jul

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All parents face challenging and confusing situations in their parenting journey. None of us have it all figured out. We all need a guiding light from time to time. That’s why we have the Q&A section on our website. It is much loved by all our parents! It is parents’ safe haven to find the solutions to any and every common or unique parenting query.
What is this Q&A section?
Air all your parenting dilemmas here. Ask us any parenting question. Naren, our co-founder and parenting expert, answers each of the questions lovingly, thoughtfully, that are loaded with practical simple implementable tips.
Your privacy is protected as well. You can keep your questions public (for others parents to see) or private (no one gets to see them). Even in the public mode, no one can see the name of the user who posted the questions. Does this excite you?
A little peek into our Q&A section:
Share Any One Thing That I Must Follow Every Day To Raise A Happy Child.”
Naren’s reply: “Dearest happy Parent,
When it comes to ‘wowparenting.com’ ask us for the moon. Only one suggestion? Come on my friend…we will give you MORE….

  • Laugh loud at least once a day. More the merrier.
  • Hug each other with eyes closed for at least 30 seconds.
  • Have enough bantering in the family.
  • Discuss but NEVER ARGUE.
  • Have a pact to see a favorite serial together.
  • Display marital affection
  • Whatever happens, respect your spouse.
  • Preferably, speak something good about each other in the kids presence.
  • Show to the child how YOU count your blessings and never your troubles.
  • Talk to them about people for whom you carry gratitude in your heart.
  • Fill in this sentence every evening on the dinner table – “What I love about you is…………………” Obviously, the above sentence means, you have dinner together.
  • Have some ‘zero technology’ time together. (even if it is 5 minutes)

Now, implement any of the above tips and you will see your child as a ‘happier’ child. When that happens, do let us know about it. And yes, send us pics please of you with your ‘happier child’…”
If I Help My Son every time by giving answers to his Questions, Am I Not Making Him Dependent On Me? Please Suggest Ways To Make Him Independent.
Naren’s reply: “Hello dear sweet parent,
I can feel your concern. However, think of it, this way. There are three kinds of questions.

  • There are some questions for which they CAN find the answers. Don’t help them here.
  • There are some questions where they need your help. Help them straight away.
  • There are some questions where they should struggle a little and then supported. Wait till they ask or wait till it’s the right time to support them.

There is no universal rule that can guide which question fall in which category. It depends on child to child. As the situation demands, practice all three with your child. When you do that, you are not making your child dependant on you. You are ‘supporting’ your child. And that my friend, is indeed your responsibility.
Now, go on and have some glorious moments with your child.”
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Parenting Coach/Expert @ WOW Parenting Naren is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist, he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change every human being’s life journey to something phenomenal. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.

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