02 Nov

5 Activities for Diwali to Strengthen Your Bond with Children.

activities for diwali

Why do we celebrate Diwali or any other festival for that matter? We do it to meet our relatives, strengthen our bond with them and cherish the memories. But have you ever thought that doing various activities for Diwali can strengthen a parent-child bond too?

Let’s know some activities for Diwali that you can do at home with your little one-  

Make Greeting Cards-

Who makes cards nowadays. I know, you must be thinking that when there are hundreds of E-cards available today. Who takes the effort to make it by themselves and give it to the loved ones? But, if you really want to make someone feel special, handmade cards are the best.

How will you feel when your little one learns this art of making someone feel special.

So, grab some paper and paint, cut the cards in various shapes, and boost the creativity in you and your child. Ask them to make cards for their friends and cousins. Imagine the smile on their face when they will receive this handmade card. So, let’s initiate this activity for Diwali with our kids.

Lantern Making with children-

Since plastic and thermocol is banned, what is your idea of decorating your house with? Why not make lanterns at home?

It can be the best creativity booster for your child. Ask them to implement all the inputs that they have received in the art and craft class in their school.


How to make our children know about the importance of Diwali? Sit along with them while having those Diwali snacks and share various stories about the celebration of Diwali. Tell them the significance of Laxmi puja, the story of Narakasura and most importantly why we celebrate Bhai Dooj? Spend just ten minutes with them and explain what we do on that day and why we do? This can be one of the best activity for the Diwali Festival. It can be informative, educative and entertaining at the same time.

After all, effective communication is the key to strengthen the bond with children. Agree don’t you?

Cooking Together-

No one will stop you from grabbing sweets, because, IT’S DIWALI. This time, let’s make it at home. Rather encourage that master chef in your child who would love to try something new. Make them cook some cookies or sweets of their choice. Or chocolates, the thing that they like the most. Give them safety guidelines before they start it.

Paint a candle stand-

Diwali is all about lights. Diyas, candles, lanterns and a lot more!

Get clumsy and fill your hands with the colors, paints, and glitters. Buy a simple plain candle stand. Ask your children to paint them in a way they want to do it. Give suggestions, but never do it on their behalf.

The kind of satisfaction that you will receive after looking at those glittery, colored or crafted candles. So, when guests will arrive at your place this Diwali, be a proud parent and tell everyone that your children designed the candles. Observe that charm on their face when you appreciate them for their efforts.

We may find these activities for Diwali too genuine or common, but it is very new for the children. It will make them feel proud that they tried something new this Diwali.  

Wish you all a very Happy and Safe Diwali!


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