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11 Activities for kids to release their stress

Activities your child to bust stress

When stress attacks, we often think, ‘I wish I was a kid just like my child’. But, do you realize children have their own stress too? They can beat you thumbs downs with the quantity of it. For example, they get presentation anxieties or jealousy bouts due to the fear of losing a friend. Sometimes when the homework isn’t done, they can easily freak out. Kids these days get more stressed than we did in our childhood. Issues then weren’t serious enough, nor was the level of competition. To overcome this issue below list of activities for kids will help them.

Every child is different, and so are their stressful trigger issues. They react to every situation differently, their own way. They also express their stress in a different manner. Some might cry, while some might gulp their stress, which later on bursts out in the form of anger.

We, as adults, practice countless exercises and stress-busting activities for kids. This helps us relieve us from our worries. Don’t you think kids also need some fun activities they might practice to release their stress?

Here are 11 activities for kids can do to bust stress :

1. Meditation

Activities your child can do to bust stress

Meditation has been practiced for ages. It helps an individual be still from within, mindful, and calm.  It enables the body and brain to relax. There are many techniques in meditation for various benefits. One of them benefits well to relieve stress. These techniques will not only help children but also parents, to keep going.

Steps for meditating:

  • Sit erect and be comfortable.
  • Close your eyes gently and focus.
  • Breathe in deep for 4 seconds.
  • Breathe out for 4 seconds and keep going.

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2. Music

Activities your child can do to bust stress

Every individual has their own taste of music. Music has the capacity to distance us from current challenges into a zone of peace. Keeping soft stress relieving music playing in the background can create a healthy atmosphere at home. The sound of flowing water or chirping birds helps relieve stress faster.  The soothing sound from the environment and nature enhances the child’s mood.

3. Stroll in nature

Activities your child can do to bust stress

There is nothing more refreshing and peace-giving than nature.  If you have a society garden filled with plants and trees, urge your children to take a walk there.  If not, take your child to a garden after school. They will get lost in the miraculous wonders of plants. Plants send out the energy to our soul. Even doctors recommend looking at plants or green colour to calm our eyes.

Taking a stroll in nature will calm your child’s anxieties and stress. They will be rejuvenated to get back in gear with their work.

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4. Your touch

Activities your child can do to bust stress

A warm hug or an assuring hand holding! Children need to feel the strength and love of your touch. A parent’s touch is the first ever sense of security a child experiences. They will feel connected and reassured with it. Hug your child every morning and night as a ritual. You will see an enormous difference in their mood and nature. This will also help you to strengthen your relationship with your child.

5. Playing with pets

Activities your child can do to bust stress

One of the good activities for kids. If you don’t have pets, we recommend you to get one for your child. Rabbit, dog, cat or even birds, anything you and your child agree on. If not, allow your child to visit their friends who have pets. Hand the responsibility of your pet to your child, considering the age, or take care on your own. Giving responsibility enhances a child’s ability to consider other people and their point of view. They will be able to see another side of the argument. This leads to the expansion of their tolerance and busts stress.

Playing with pets, children drop their stress right away and forget about it. This helps them rebuild their strength to work again with a calm state of mind.

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6. Fun brain teasers

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This is the most obvious one! Children love to play with brains teasers and puzzles. This activity for kids helps them to improve brain power. They eventually get engrossed in solving the puzzle and forget the stress they even had. You can get some brain teasers from the toy shop, and LEGO blocks. LEGO isn’t quite a brain teaser, but it enhances a child’s creativity and also deals with stress in its own way.

7. Yoga

Activities your child can do to bust stress

Did you know the effect of yoga lasts a lot longer? This is because yoga involves different techniques and poses. These techniques help the children stretch their muscles. It also enlightens the mood and activates all senses.

Yoga is a body-mind practice that brings discipline and peacefulness. Teach children to practice yoga on a daily basis. Even a half hour of practice daily will be enough to reduce stress.

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8. Gardening

Activities your child can do to bust stress

Take your child out to shop, get some seeds, mud and a pot. Let your child get a little dirty and muddy on hands. Ask them to water the plant every day. This is another responsibility you hand to your child. Children get calm in nature and having to plant a tree on own is an entirely different adventure for them. Plants teach patience, which is one of the most important elements everyone needs.

9. DIY projects

Activities your child can do to bust stress

Every child likes to explore the talent and creativity within. This helps them to keep their responsibilities aside and focus on exploring themselves in papers and glitters.

There are various DIY projects ideas available for children. They can make bookmarks, a personalized pencil holder, simple wall decors like a dream catcher, pottery and you name it. Children like to get crafty. So give some colourful papers, a safety scissor and some glue to your child. You will see them creating things you could never imagine.

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10. Baking

Activities your child can do to bust stress

The fragrance of fresh baked cake and cookies is mouthwatering. Believe it or not, children will like to be your assistant in the kitchen while baking. Ask them to add some chocolate chips on the top or even knead the dough. Kneading the dough requires some energy, which in fact helps children get free from stress. This is just like a squeeze toy, which we use for stress relief.

11. Talk it out

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Sometimes there is a lot a child wants to share with parents. The fear of parents scolding them for acting stupid is what stops them from sharing. They basically try to avoid scolding or judgment. Actually, this is not an activity for kids, but it’s very important and necessary things for good bonding with kids. Here, parents can approach their children calmly and let them know that they won’t be misjudged or scolded. Parents need to assure their children saying, “I am right here to help you”

Children comprehend what other people are expecting from them and what they want. In the midst of this tough choice, they stay unaware of what is the right thing to do. Parents can guide their children in such scenarios. We might find the reasons behind our child’s stress quit funny and meaningless. But, for them, these problems feel like world holocaust or tsunami. They have no idea what to do about it and are clueless about how to handle the stress. Parents can be their fireflies in the midst of their stress.

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