16 Nov

How to improve grades of your children?

In the recent question and answer session on our WOW Parenting App, our parenting expert Narendra Goidani received a lot of questions asking about the tips to improve grades and probable reasons for why the academic performance fluctuates.

Some parents expressed their worry mentioning that their children were very good in the studies previously, but suddenly the performance dropped. Their seriousness in studies is deteriorating day-by-day. So what can be the reason and how can we help them improve grades?  

Here we bring you some help in the form of 6 possible reasons for low performance and solutions to it.


One of the most common reasons for decreasing grades is bullying.

Talk to your child and his friends, contact the school management if required to be. Find out if your child is being bullied. Solve this angle that is the reason for the decreasing performance of your child’s studies.

Bullying doesn’t just affect the studies but can destroy the psyche and emotional peace of the child.

Change in Friend Circle

They may have changed friends. The possibility is these new friends ‘sound cooler than others’. Casualness is their approach to life and therefore they are not focused on their studies. As a parent,, contact your child’s old friends. Talk to your child to understand the reason behind this change of friends. Empathize and help them analyze if this change is the right move? The child needs a lot of motivation to let go of these fascinating friends and concentrate on studies to improve grades. Do not create pressure to change. Create in your child, a DESIRE to change.

Inability to Concentrate

There is a high possibility that the child is not able to cope up with current studies. The burden of academics or of expectations from people is too high. Take a deeper dive here to understand the need, even if it means taking extra tuition classes. In a few rare cases, it might be necessary to REDUCE the number of tuition classes. Find out if there is a problem in teaching methods of the tutors. Are they not sensitive enough to your child? Search for simple study techniques that can help them.

Lack of attention

One of the reasons a child is unable to concentrate is because of the lack of attention. Children need undivided attention. They thrive on attention. They might be feeling alone. If they don’t get the attention they will feel alone. 

Appreciate, validate and encourage them to show your love. They need this attention from you. This is their OXYGEN

Various Distractions while Studying

A recent study says that most of the children are distracted because of digital addiction. This can be one of the biggest barriers in your child’s growth. Allowing continuous access to social media, mobile games, TV, can disturb their concentration on studies. This can be one of the reasons for his low scores. Putting some limitations to this excess use of technology can help them concentrate on the studies with minimal distractions.

Understand the reason before it is too late. Implement the necessary solution to help your child. Finding out the root cause behind the change in academic score will be the great start to solve this problem. Remember, your child is smart. They have resulted in the past. Just that, they are having a few blocks that they are NOT able to remove themselves. They need your help. I guess that is why God created parents.

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