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What makes a child explore areas outside the comfort zone? #AtoZChallenge Post 25

“Everything you ever wanted, is one step outside the comfort zone,” said someone wise. We couldn’t agree more.

Parents are super protective creatures. That is how nature has designed them. They believe that their children need wholesome support and care. Of course, the children do.

However protective we are, the world outside the comfort zone is the real world. That is the world our children have to be a part of.

In order to grow, kids need to get exposure to some new situations. They need to be “put in the decision making spot”. This is when they learn to think, they get out of critical situations and they emerge as strong confident adults. They might get bruised but they also get strong.

Children will blossom with some challenging tasks and challenging assignments.

Sometimes, we think kids want things to be easy, they want to stay in their comfort zone. We may tend to believe, that kids want to be completely pampered but that is not always the case. We sometimes feel that only in games or other activities, they are looking for small challenges.

You will be shocked to know that kids seek out challenges. More and more children these days seem to be saying, “We don’t want to be in the comfort zone but we want to be in the effort zone”. They want to step out of the comfort zone, put that effort and want to be appreciated. With a little help from the parents, of course.

What children really NEED are, challenging tasks and assignments. Assignments that grows them into confident adults with the acumen to deal with accidents, ambiguities, and uncertainties of life.

This is a crucial step towards ‘Wow Parenting’.

Come on, challenge our kids with some useful assignments, and tasks that will push their boundaries and teach them some life lessons. They might fail or might be bruised or might succeed. But they WILL certainly GROW.

The feeling of GROWTH, after facing challenging situations, is incredible.

Help your kids experience that feeling. As parents, both of us know, we will be the helping hand every time they fail, we will pull them up every time they slip, we will motivate them to regain their spirits to that they can start again with extra zeal.

A smile here, an encouraging pat there, quick conversations with some cues to solve tricky problems, appreciation, or a little dose of humor helps them to break their comfort zones.

In this competitive world, success is easy for those who are ready to take the leap of faith, step outside the comfort zone and work against challenges. How wonderful would it be to develop our children into such adults! Bringing them out of their comfort zone will help in building stronger self-esteem and belief.  

If you are already practicing this with your child, you are a WOW Parent. If not, right now is the ‘perfect’ time to start!

Happy Parenting all!


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