24 Mar

Tricks to stop comparing your kids with others

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“Comparison is a thief of joy” said someone wise. However, it does more than just destroying joy in parenting. Some innocuous comments and seemingly harmless comparisons can be detrimental for your kids. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to stop comparing your kids with others. Follow these and be an awesomely Wow parent!

  1. Avoid Comparing kids to their peers and even siblings: Getting inspired looking at others is a great thing, but comparison that demeans is dangerous for the self esteem of kids. Telling your kids “Look at Sharmaji ka beta. He is so smart!” will definitely not help. Comparing kids to their peers and even siblings can be hurtful for them. It can even cause them to resent the friends and siblings that you compare them to, thus ruining beautiful relationships.
  2. Use positive, uplifting statements: Your intention maybe to get your child to do better at school, in sports or in other areas. However, instead of saying “Why can’t you be helpful like Anish,” you could say “I love how you keep your toys in place. Would you also want to try helping me out and see if it’s fun?”
  3. Positive reinforcements and having role models for your kids work like a charm. While, ideally, you need to be their role models, you could also look at someone in the family that you can talk about such that your kids start emulating the positive traits of that relative/family member. To know more about this, watch our videos on Healthy Role Models for kids.
  4. Be your child’s uplifting force: Teach them the important things, but lovingly. To know more about this, explore our videos on Perfect Parenting.

Don’t stress yourself out reading this blog post though. For when nothing else works, love, hugs and smiles do! So fill your child’s life with them. Here’s to happy parenting!

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