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How can parents make examination fun?

How can parents make examination fun

Is he really studying or playing games? Will she even pass the class? What if all his friends score good and he fails? Will she remember all the points in the exam? Such questions haunt parents at exam time.

The stress is not just limited to children, parents have it too. Children are worried about grades and syllabus. They keep wondering if they will make it through every chapter or not. There is always stress and frustration hovering at home.  Imagine you are running in a race. You know your target and competitors. Suddenly someone starts screaming near you. You get distracted, lose focus and lose the race.

This is what happens when parents keep on pressurizing children to study. Let’s change this and instead practice some fun techniques.

Examinations can be fun. Children can, in fact, score well without any pressure, while parents stay at ease. Here are a few things you can practice to make your child’s exam fun.

1. Turn it into a game

How can parents make examination fun
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Anything is fun, once turned into a game. Gamify your children study to bring their interest to it. Parents can ask their children to write down important pointers. Later a quiz game can be played on those points. You can set a prize for every level. Set small prizes like a hi-fi,  new pen or your child’s favourite cookie. Moving on to bigger prizes like your child’s favourite toy or anything else your child wants.

These rewards should not be considered as bribes. Here you teach your child to earn the rewards. To sum up, gamify the study to encourage your child. This will definitely turn the study into fun.

2. Fancy stationery

How can parents make examination fun
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Examinations mean shopping for new stationery. Fancy pencils, pens, eraser, exam sling bag, fancy post its to mark the key points and what not! Children also need a good pouch to keep these newly bought materials. Take your child to shop for new stationery, including a fancy pen and a book. This book and fancy pen should only be allowed to write after the revision. Ask your child to write the pointers in that book without looking. It sounds simple and funny, but it works. Your child will find a need to revise every topic in order to use the pen.

This helps children go through a lot more topics than they decide. They also get to write these pointers in a book. We all know, ‘If you write something, you don’t forget it’.

3. Fun shortcuts for hard topics

How can parents make examination fun
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Ever heard of mnemonics? It is a memory device that helps us that aids information retention in human memory. In simple words, it is a technique we discover to remember something. Many people are familiar with the short cut to remember all 12 cranial nerves. It is, ‘On Occasion Of Tea (party) The Attractive Faces Are Girl Visitors And Housewives’.

Even the classic one, we tap our knuckles and the gap between them to learn months. Exactly! With mnemonics, children will be able to recollect them well during exams. They will also never forget anything learnt.

4. Crash course videos

How can parents make examination fun

Watching a video seems less boring than reading a book for children. There are various crash course videos available regarding almost every topic in your child’s textbook. These videos are more colorful, animated and fun to watch. Make a list of lengthy and hard topics with your child. Look for the crash course videos on those topics. You will find numerous of them. These videos will clear your child’s concepts easily.

For instance; your child finds DNA replication difficult. Look for the topic and videos related to it. Sit and watch these videos with your child. The concept will be cleared. Now, once the video is done, ask your child to read the replication topic in the textbook. This is an easy and effective learning technique your child can practise.

5. Healthy snacks attack

How can parents make examination fun

When healthy snacks are loaded, children won’t find the need to leave the study place. Place some small jars filled with almonds, whole wheat cookies, peanuts, and roasted chickpeas. Almond, we all know is high with proteins and improves memory. Whole wheat cookies are healthy and won’t let your child starve while studying. Peanuts are legumes and many children like a salty snack just like this. It is filled with beneficial fats and is cheap to buy.

You can also keep apples, bananas, oranges and other fruits in the kitchen. They will keep your child full and are also beneficial to stay alert.

6. Write a song

How can parents make examination fun
Source – https://www.pexels.com

This is practised by many schools. If your child finds a topic difficult, write a song about it. No matter what language or how hard the lyrics are, everyone manages to recite it. With a song, children manage to remember the points and it gets easy for them during exams.

Studying can be awfully boring for children at times. Try to help your child out and ease the frustration. There are many creative techniques to make your child’s study fun. If your child doesn’t study, try these techniques. They will help children study effectively and score well. Pressurizing, scolding isn’t the solution. So, relax and have fun with your child. Every exam will feel like another fun activity for you and your child.

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