14 Feb

11 don’ts for parents before exams

11 Don'ts for Parents Before Exams

The Dread of Examinations

Are you a parent who’s fretting over children’s exams? Parents need equal preparation during exam season to avoid making children anxious.

How can we alleviate stress for children during examinations? By empathising with our children and understanding their moods and sticking to a few don’ts.


11 Don'ts for Parents Before Exams

  • Constantly persuading children to study should be avoided. Making a timetable before exams and sticking to it should be the mantra.


  • Avoid controlling the children. Trying to be in control of every minute of theirs will further irritate them. It will further defocus them.


  • Don’t barge into their study space every now and then. The hidden intention of checking on them might lead the child to break his rhythm of studying.


  • Don’t value your children only on the basis of academics. Academics are just a part of life and not life itself.


  • Comparing children with peers or friends should be avoided. Recognising your children’s strengths and helping them develop it will help them in the long run.


  • Don’t stop children from stepping out for play time. Children get refreshed when they are out in fresh air. They will be able to concentrate better once they are back home.


  • Rushing children into finishing things is a total no-no. In the race to reach the deadline, they might not be able to study properly.


  • Don’t expect the children to keep their rooms spick and span during their exams. Cleaning the room might not be on the top of their list right now.


  • Avoid cluttering their study space. Photos, staplers, snacks, etc if not needed move it away from their table.


  • Avoid feeding too many products laded with sugars during this period. Sugars support stress-related hormones, hence it will only make the situation worse.


  • If you see children not performing up to your expectations, don’t become negative. Keep using positive and kind words and keep them motivated. It will help in the long run.

These 11 don’ts are backed by research. And if used these techniques will definitely help you overcome exam stress. Here’s a bonus tip, let’s understand every child is unique and has his own strengths. His talents and skills will help them lead a good life with or without ace marks.

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