15 Mar

How Nutan’s dad helped her fly. Literally!

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Hello people! Here we feature stories of people in conversation with Naren. When Naren meets people, he invariably gets them to open up for a warm, inspiring, and sometimes rib-tickling conversations. In such chats, beautiful stories are shared, and so many of them are musings on parenting! Here’s one such story by Nutan Kataria, who tells us how her dad helped shape her personality.
When I was going to go in tenth, prior that during vacations, I had to go to my Mama’s house in Ahmednagar. It was not possible for my mom to join me so my dad told me to go alone. My mom was not so keen to send me alone, there were no mobiles too that time (1992), but my dad pushed me to travel alone in a red bus Nashik to Ahmednagar. He always said you have phone numbers to call if you land with any problem. He wanted his kids to be independent. That forceful but encouraging push of my dad took me long way in my future teenage and college years too. I travelled alone a lot as I was NCC Airwing cadet, which lead me to add a feather in my cap. Since I was trained for gliding, I was selected to welcome our prime minister Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee for the Prime Minister Rally held during Republic Day Camp in Delhi in Jan 1999. If it was not for that push by my father, belonging to a conservative Marwadi community of Jains, I wouldn’t have achieved that success as a daughter. He always treated me like a son.”
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