26 Jun

It takes just 15 minutes to become a ‘WOW’ parent!

working parents


Working parents have a handful of time to spend with their children. Some get about an hour while some get half. But, there are some parents who get barely 15 minutes to spend with their children.

But… will 15 minutes be enough to create good memories with your children? Will 15 minutes with them help you, excel as a parent?

The answer is ‘Yes’! Look back in time. You must have gone for a movie with your children someday. What comes to your mind? What memories did you create there, in the theatre? You definitely have that smile on your face imagining your children’s happy faces after watching the movie. Right?

Your children literally forced you to buy the tickets. You must be standing in the queue to get your tickets. But, the queue must have been very long. You had to wait for quite some time until you were up next. That must have been irritating!

Then in the interval, your children shouted for popcorn in front of everyone. That must have been truly embarrassing. So you simply buy them the popcorns. All these tiny irritations got faded with time. When you thought of the movie, all you remembered was how happy your children were. Those few seconds of happiness overcame all the frustration.

So yes! 15 minutes with your children will be enough to excel and become a wonderful parent that you are. Not the 15 minutes that your daughter helps you in the kitchen and you are cooking something by the side. Not those 15 minutes when you are helping your children with their homework. Not those 15 minutes when you were discussing a movie on the dining table.

The 15 minutes are those when you have a good quality conversation with them. You can download our app, WOW PARENTING for the ideas of what conversations you can have with your children. We have many videos of snack size in there to guide you. The objective behind those ideas isn’t simply to have conversations. The objective is to create those moments of high in your child’s life.

Let’s not bring the lows like sorrow, betrayal or negative things up. The world is all set to do that. In those 15 minutes, you need to do things that will create great memories with your child. You need to grab your kid’s hand and pull them out of all their lows.

We have some ideas to help you, create good memories of you with your children. But before you continue reading further, watch the below video to gain more understanding on this topic.

1. The experience of elevation:

You experience it when you are naturally excited about the atmosphere around. The surrounding seams to elevate you with its tiny details. Just like a birthday party. Think of something that is about to happen. Something that involves a lot of anticipation. Think of your child’s award ceremony during gatherings. How elevated you will feel in the audience!

Elevation doesn’t demand to happen every day. Once a week you can come up with something. If not a week then once a month. Come up with something that will cheer you and your children together. Now, together is the key point here. You have to enjoy the anticipation, the elevation together. This will help you bond with each other in a better way.

2. Two-ways giving in conversations:

Small conversations where you and your children are entirely dissolved is necessary. It can be something that happened with you that day. Something that your child is interested in. something to which your child could add more questions. Something that will excite your children to their core. Conversations that will make your children feel proud of you.

You can tell your children about the app that gives 50% off on the first buy. Maybe even scroll through your phone to check the collection on that app. Ask your children what they like for themselves. Ask them what they think of the dress you liked for yourself.

It can be a small or lengthy conversation that you can have. The mere thing is to have a conversation to get a new high in your relationship.

3. Pride:

Another kind of high for everyone is a sense of pride. To get this high you need to appreciate someone. Taking your time with appreciation, let the person know how magnificent it makes them. For example; if your child drew a scenery in the drawing book, appreciate. Let children know how wonderful their drawing is. Point out all the minute details that make the drawing look wonderful.

Tell your children something great you did today. Make them feel proud of you. In other words, add the sense of pride towards both the ends in your relationship. This will increase the sense of price in your children. They will know that they have done something you appreciate with all your heart.

4. Create a bond:

Create a strong sense of connection between you and your children. Connection happens through love, forgiveness, listening. Connection happens through small acts. Act like brushing their shoes, or adding tiny notes saying ‘love you’ in the tiffin. You can let them watch their favorite show or cartoon and watch it with them.

The connection is a beautiful thing that can happen between two people. It doesn’t require anything huge or hundreds of gifts. Tiny acts are enough to feel and sense the connection. So, try to build a strong connection with your children.

Closing thoughts:

You definitely don’t require an entire day to excel as a parent. These four things don’t demand adequate time. 10-15 minutes are enough to do them. All you need to this be consistent. You need to have focus, clarity, and planning. Create these 4 different kinds of moments with your children. Their memories will be created by these small highs.

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