03 Jul

Busting 8 major myths about working moms

myths about working moms


People say, it is impossible to give your best everywhere’ OR ‘You cannot keep everyone happy!’ But, that’s not true. Is it?

Working women, especially mothers, have proven all of such stereotypes wrong. They brilliantly maintain a balance between professional and personal life. They’ve got work deadlines. Husband, relatives, neighbors, and on top of everything they have to handle their children!

A woman might be in a position to work for numerous reasons. She must be genuinely passionate about her career. A woman might work to support her family. We all know how difficult it is to survive a family on one person’s income.

So we are here with a few misconceptions people have about working moms.

1. Working mothers are not able to dedicate a lot of time to their family:

Yes! She is passionate about her work. She gives her best to reach her goals. This doesn’t mean that she is less dedicated to her family. With the growing culture, everyone is upgrading their lifestyles. They learn about tools and ways to maintain their work and personal life.

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, is potentially dedicated to the company. In spite of that, she is equally engaged with her children and family.

2. Working moms are more inclined towards their family than work:

This is the most common misconception we get to see around. A working mother has a lot to do at home. Her responsibilities are never-ending. So, people assume that she isn’t capable of giving her best at work. In some offices, a working mother is given less amount of target and work as compared to a girl or a woman who isn’t a mother.

Why? She has chosen to work because she knows that she can. Even if once or twice, due to family emergencies, she was unable to fulfil the goal, it doesn’t define her.

3. They often ignore their children, leading to their misbehaviour:

Look around. You won’t find a single child who hasn’t misbehaved even once. Children are hard to manage, even for mothers who do not work. Every mother out there is giving her best to raise a good child.

Every mother invests hours of every day in coming up with good behaviour management for her children. A working mother doesn’t have the liberty to give hours, but her efforts are the same. Besides, various programs and activities don’t even require an entire day for children.

Even 15 minutes are enough to create a great bond with them. To teach them. To know and understand them.

4. They mainly look for work-at-home options:

Sure! That would be a great option to work at home. Women will be able to look after the house chores as well as work equally. They will be able to spend more time with their children. They can even go out on family trips with their laptop. This option would be stress-free. But, is it true? No.

Working mothers are open to the idea of work from home as it is more convenient. But, they don’t deliberately stick to that idea. If needed and the job is good, they will go out and work.

5. Working moms tend to be more depressed:

‘She fought with her husband. Maybe that’s why her eyes are swollen’, ‘I guess her children are not respecting her. Maybe that’s why she looks so depressed.’

People come up with such reasons and claim them to be true. If a woman has her eyes swollen, maybe she didn’t cry. Maybe she did all she needs to do, straight from preparing the meal to tucking children to bed. Maybe later, she stayed up all night long to prepare for her presentation.

Besides, even if what you assume is true, why gossip? She obviously is in a situation where none of us would like to stay. Reach out to her and see if she needs help. The least anyone can do is be her good friend.

6. They are selfish:

Well, if some, anyone is brave enough to stand up for what he/she wants, he/she is undoubtedly selfish. No! He/she isn’t, especially a working mother. When we have a problem or cash crunch running at home, we do not go around with a loud-speaker announcing it. People go through it and find a solution.

There can be any reason why a woman works, but no one stands in a position to judge her. No one can define that she is selfish for working.

7. They are more likely to get a divorce:

People assume this point on their own. If a woman is working, she won’t be able to fulfil her family needs. This might result in her divorce, where she won’t even get to live with her children. Really?

She might have it all sorted with her husband and children. Perhaps they a schedule and plans on how to keep the bond active. Maybe they are in fact, a happy family where mutual understanding resides.

Even if her marriage ended up in a divorce, what makes you sure about the reason behind it? There are chances that she had been through a lot. Bad marriages happen in every corner of the world. Just because a woman is working, there is no need to point it out as the reason.

8. They are more likely to have extramarital affairs:

Every man who works isn’t claimed to have an extramarital affair. Then why a woman? Because she is a woman? That a lame answer of all. ‘I have seen her with a guy having a coffee. I bet she is having her little fun outside too.’

Well, there are high chances of you to lose that bet, you know. Maybe she was with a friend. A friend just like yours and everyone. Perhaps he has a problem in his life and feels safe to ask for an opinion with this woman. Maybe she is the sweetest friend anyone could have.

Maybe she is having a cup of coffee with her colleague. Perhaps they are working together on a project. Even if they are not, why should it bother anyone? Can’t colleagues have a cup of coffee together? But, all we consider is an extramarital affair.


If we look back in time, everything has changed. The way people think has changed as well. So, let’s change our view once more and stop these stereotypes at once. If a woman is a mother and decides to work, she is stronger than anyone could think. She has enough courage to do it all, in spite of what people think.

People who stand for what’s needed and what they want are hard to find. So if you find a working mother respect her. Instead, if you are in a position to help her, then do it. She is a daughter of someone. She is a mother, a wife and a sister of someone just like any daughter out there. The world is too big to make opinions, but life is too short for it. So, take care of each other and spread happiness.

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