18 Aug

Ditch the zillion rules from all those parenting books

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I read this wonderful post on Facebook the other day, which talked about how parenting these days has become more of a competition than an organic journey. Parents, these days are judged for everything.
“Are you a stay-at-home parent, running around your kids? God, you have no life. Your kids would never be independent.

You go to work, leaving your kids at daycare? Why have kids when you can’t spend time with them!
You believe in giving space to your kids, and letting them learn at their own pace? They would be spoilt kids.
Oh, you are a part of the PTA at school? God, you are one of those pushy parents huh!
Do you send your kids to art classes and sports coaching? Stop being so over competitive!
You don’t send your kids to any classes after school? How would they ever develop a hobby!
You go out for coffee with your friends sometimes, leaving your kids at home? God, you are such a selfish parent!
You never go out without your kids? You need to get a life.”

Judgments at every step. When did parenting become a race to be judged? When did the world forget that it’s a natural, beautiful process, to be cherished and enjoyed in a measured manner? To boot all this, there are numerous experts, platforms, and books out there listing the 100 things you must never say to your kids and the 200 things that every good parent ought to do. As if your parents were not being judged enough.

We at Wow Parenting, believe in loving, non-judgmental, friendly guidance. You are a stay-at-home father or a mother of six kids, we respect each one of you for who you are. Do you wish to teach your kids how to write in their mother tongue? Go for it! You don’t want to push your kids to follow certain vocations? Don’t do it. Being honest to your own self and living by your heart, logically is all we believe in.

We believe that with a teeny bit of help, just an ounce of guidance to adapt your parenting techniques to the current world, every child can get incredible parenting. This, in turn, will help us bring up passionate, compassionate, kind, loving, empathetic, caring, happy, joyful, mentally and emotionally secure kids. Our world needs that kind of adults. That’s all we try to do through our online parenting program.
We don’t spout Gyan. We have simply put together videos on numerous parenting topics. They tell you how to playfully deal with temper tantrums at home, how to teach values to your kids, how to set them up for the success that they can handle and is not overly competitive, and how to teach our kids to be happy on their own. It’s all about you, your kids’ and your family’s emotional well being and happiness. These videos are short, lighthearted, make you laugh, are filled with simple and practical parenting tips and accessible on phone (through our App) and on our website.

For the more involved, we do have ebooks, expert articles, stories, quizzes and the works. But you can go through all of this at your own pace. No pressure whatsoever. We also have a Question and Answer section where you can ask us anything at all about parenting. Our co-founder parenting enthusiast Naren, lovingly goes through every unique query to respond with a useful, simple tip. Get to know us a little maybe? We have the habit of making a way into the hearts of people we adore. And we absolutely adore parents.
So, let go of all those rule books. Embrace loving, kind, empathetic and fun-filled parenting. Let’s bring back the charm of parenting. Let’s not make it a race. Let’s breathe, live and let others live. Let’s bring up good kids, who will help unfortunate souls, love like there is no tomorrow, stand-up for what they believe in, work hard and live joyous wonderful lives.

We can do that only when we don’t fret so much about what people say. Ignore the naysayers and the judgmental folks. You are awesome, dear parent. We love you and believe in your loving parenting heart. Let no one tell you anything otherwise.
If you need a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold and walk with you, through the gorgeous maze of parenting, we are here for you. If not, shine on anyway. Here’s to every parent out there!

Tons of love
Team Wow Parenting

Parenting Coach/Expert @ WOW Parenting Naren is a dreamer and a people lover. An unshakable optimist, he strives towards building a better world where everyone has a beautiful story to tell. He strongly believes that incredible parenting can change every human being’s life journey to something phenomenal. And that is his “Why” for building Wow Parenting.


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