13 Nov

Did You Know ‘Greeting Children’ Regularly Can Strengthen Your Bond

How does your day start?

Most of us will agree that is starts by checking good morning messages on the phone. How do we feel when you see those messages? It feels good, right? Our children need the same. They want this ‘feel good factor’ in their day-to-day routine too. Greeting children every day can make their day.

Not just that, it will also strengthen your bond with them.

Kids want maximum attention from their parents. By Greeting children, you show them that they are special to you and you love to give them attention in every possible way.

So how do you think you can greet children and show them your love?

Good Morning wishes

If those good morning messages can make your day, your simple ‘Good Morning’ with a lot of love and affection can have a positive kick-start of the day.  

Waking them up in the LOUD VOICE only irritates them. Shouting, screaming, using negative words to wake              them up, will ruin their morning. As they say, a happy start to the morning will set a happy tone for the entire day.

Breakfast table

 Share the breakfast table with them. They feel important and cared for.  Have some light, funny, morning jabber. Ask them about their day’s schedule. Share a joke or two to start the day with a laugh.

While leaving for school

 Most folks greet their spouse when leaving for work. Let us do the same when our child is leaving for school. Simply say, ‘Have a fabulous day ahead!’ or tell them with a wink, ‘Be naughty’ or embarrass them by suggesting, ‘Let me know what the teacher got in her tiffin box’.  Wave at them when they board a bus. Giving them the attention they are seeking for.

After they return from school

 Ask your children how their day at school was. Remember that it is one of their unsaid requests, that they want you to ask them. It just takes a few minutes of yours to ask and listen to them. It will not just create your bonding with them, but you will also get to know if anything is bothering them at school.

Well, if the day starts on the positive note, it should end on the positive note too. 

What can we parents do for that?

During Dinner

Bon Appetit!

Two simple words to wish your little one at the time of dinner will not just have him your attention but is also about teaching good table manners.

And Good Night…

 Wish them good night and take them to bed. Whenever you can, tuck them up in the bed too. It’s a gesture of expressing your love towards your kid.

Be there with them till they fall asleep.

Generally, we underestimate the value of greeting children. We rather take them for granted. But, it’s time we realize it and start practicing this on daily basis. These few words of love can make their day as they feel that parents are attentive.

We know that undivided attention is key for WOW parenting!

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