22 Feb

Dental care tips for your children

dental care tips for children

“Your toothpaste is falling all over your shirt!”. “Go and brush your teeth, you had too many chocolates now.”. “If you don’t brush your teeth, you will have fewer teeth than I have”. Being a parent we take care of every little thing of our child. We see to it that our children brush their teeth. We lecture them to brush twice a day, at least.

Let’s say they listen. They start brushing their teeth after meals. You don’t even have to remind them to brush. But, are you sure if they are doing it right?

Oral care of a child includes more than just brushing. It includes proper guidance and treatment. Parents need to guide and teach them all about oral care. This is to avoid any future damage to gums and teeth.

For healthy teeth and gums of your child, we have come up with few tips. These tips will help your child have healthy teeth for years to come.

dental care tips for children
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1. Damp washcloth:

When your child starts teething, gums start getting sore. This can irritate your child. To avoid this, gums need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Use a soft cloth for cleaning. Place the cloth on your finger, then dip it in water. Don’t soak it to get too wet. Just a little damp will be appropriate. Gently rub over the gums to clean it.

2. Selection of brush:

Newly born don’t have teeth. As the first teeth come out, start using a brush. Brush selection is to be done wisely. Use a soft brush for cleaning. The tip of the brush has to be soft-edged. It is recommended to brush for at least 2 mins, twice a day. Every side of the teeth has to be brushed.

3. Choice of toothpaste:

For kids younger than 3 years old, use fluoride free toothpaste. Once your child turns 3 you can use toothpaste with little fluoride. The amount of fluoride should be increased as the child grows up. Fluoride helps the teeth grow stronger and also resists bacteria. Make a habit for your child to brush on his/her own. You can try various flavors in toothpaste to get your child ready for brushing.

dental care tips for children
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4. Flossing:

Flossing isn’t taken seriously, but, is very crucial. Children develop a good set of teeth as they turn 2. When the gaps between teeth start disappearing start flossing. As your child grows up, teach the process of flossing. It is a good habit for your child floss on own after growing up.

5. Food intake:

For proper dental care, food intake has to be supervised. Avoid large intake of high sugar content food. Food like biscuits, chocolates, pastries, and pasta should be limited. Monitor the food, even milk before your child sleeps. The food stuck between teeth have the potential to damage the teeth overnight. Only water is recommended before going to sleep. Also, make a habit of brushing the teeth with pea size toothpaste after meals.

dental care tips for children
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6. Visit the dentist:

Orthodontists recommend an early visit is a must for better healthy teeth. Before your child turns 2 a proper check-up has to be done. This avoids any further complications to occur. After the first visit is done, regular check-ups are crucial. This is simply to keep in check with the dentist for your child’s happy teeth.

Closing Thoughts:

Children don’t worry about their teeth on their own. Children won’t care about oral hygiene until we guide them. Develop gentle oral care habits for the well-being of your child’s teeth. Thus, when your child grows, he/she will maintain these habits.