SURPRISE your child with a letter from SANTA

About the Initiative

“WOW Parenting” is delighted to bring this awesome experience for your heartbeat ❤, your delightful child.

Let us surprise our ‘little souls’ with a special letter from none other than their favorite Santa Claus ? all the way from the North Pole ?.  

WOW! Imagine the amount of happiness ? it would bring to our munchkins. So, let’s get started!

IMPACT We Wish To Create


Supported By

We believe in spreading “Jolly Good Santa Vibes” to the maximum number of children across the world. Here are some amazing organizations that support this initiative along with us.

Santa's Problem


Santa is too busy making a nice & naughty list.
He has a language problem too.
He has to choose gifts, wrap them & distribute all over.

So we promised him to


Distribute the letters.
Keep the spirit of christmas alive.
Spread the smiles across the world.

How To Get The Letter?

  • Click “Begin Here” button below
  • STEP 1: Customize the letter for your delightful child
  • STEP 2: Fill the form on the next page
  • Get the letter as per your choice:
    • Get FREE PDF letter (downloadable) so you can print it yourself
Terms & Conditions:
  • Physical letters will be shipped only in India.
  • Downloadable PDF is FREE OF COST – ANYWHERE in the WORLD.
  • Physical letters will not be shipped after 16th of December 2018.
  • This is an initiative started by WOW Parenting for parents who would like to do something unique for their children.
  • We take your privacy very seriously and your data will not be shared with any 3rd party.
  • We may use your data shared with us to get in touch with you and discuss our products and services.
  • The expected delivery date of the physical letter is 20th – 24th December.