04 Jun

Indian Express – WOW Parenting leads among online parenting courses

WOW Parenting gets featured on Indian Express

WOW Parenting was recently covered by Indian Express. The article was titled –

‘Want tips on parenting? Here are 10 online courses you can consider in 2019’

It stated:

“ WOW Parenting:
This online course guides parents on how to groom their children and deal with them effectively. It gives an insight into parenting through scientifically proven techniques using videos and live interactions for developing the child’s four core areas, namely behavior, communication, psychological needs, and performance.”
      – Indian Express

While we have always been very confident about our work, a little validation, every now and then, is cherished. It is in times like these, our heart swells with gratitude for all the parents and stakeholders who made this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

These recognitions also make us doubly determined to reach our goal of IMPACTING at least a million parents within the next two years.

As you know, WOW Parenting was born with an audacious dream to change the world in one generation. Narendra Goidani, the co-founder of WOW Parenting is an unshakable optimist. He loves what he does and has impacted the lives of 25,000+ parents till date.

Looking forward to an impactful future together.

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WOW Parenting helps you deal with your daily parenting challenges and mentor you, in raising a champion child. Get actionable parenting insights that make a difference. Download the WOW Parenting App now.