21 Feb

The truth behind exams: Why exams are necessary?

why exams are necessary

Children’s learning involves unfolding the history of concepts and endless memorizing. They turn about thousands of pages, all only for ‘Exams’. We have programmed our children to learn solely to score well in exams.

We expect them to score well so that they crack the cut off list and get admissions. They are often bombarded with threats like, “If you don’t score good, no one will hire you”.

There are many children who study merely to pass the exams. They don’t study for the sake of learning new things or as fun. Their education revolves around these four letters- EXAM.

Exams have become an important element in every student’s life. Or, have we made it so?

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Why are exams really necessary?


To top the class or universities? To flaunt your talent on a sheet of paper? To get a good job? Are examinations limited to these trivial reasons only? No!

Exams don’t merely involve good grades and marks, it symbolizes greater intentions. A student can score well by reciting an entire book or even cheating. This will merely benefit the report card, not their future. Imagine, how remarkable they will turn out to be if they are truly educated about the concepts in that book?

Children’s hustling to cover the portion during exams enables them to learn multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is very beneficial for every individual, especially when children grow up. Even if children don’t feel like studying, they still study. This is where they learn to take responsibilities.

Even if no one likes it, competitions take place. Children learn to face competitions at a very young age. This helps them build their self-esteem when they grow up. Exams enable children to activate their brain and gauge their memory skills.

An exam is that one factor that every student has to go through at least thrice a year. As children grow up, they develop discipline within themselves. Examinations give us the experience that provides life lessons. Some valuable life lessons like hard work, creativity, and patience evolve in children. They learn the art of managing fun and acquire an abundance of knowledge from the syllabus. In the process of preparing for exams, they also learn to overcome their weakness.

An exam is a tool for children not only to prove his competence but also to build his character. It is an avenue to develop their emotional maturity as well. Exams basically create the overall personality of a child.

What is wrong in our approach towards examinations?

Things To Do before Exams

Labeling children:

We label children as ‘A’, ‘B’  or ‘C’ based on their grades in examinations. Their memory and abilities are judged based on their report cards. Look around. Do you see anything that looks even a slightest like you? Is there anyone you know who is exactly like you with no exceptions? You won’t find anyone, will you? It is because you are unique. You have your own potential and strengths for everything. We all do.

Then how come we expect every child to perform exactly the same way? Why do we keep on comparing them with the toppers or their friends who score well?


Children feel confined and trapped when we set higher expectations without providing them with any space. We compare them blindly with their classmates and friends without considering their different potentials. This is the primary reason how they end up scoring less. When children study under pressure, there are high chances that they might forget everything learnt. They need guidance from parents to achieve their goal.

Unhealthy Competition:

There always is a debate among students on ‘who will top the class?’. An exam is a competition promoted among students after every three months. Until the children are qualified enough, in regards to their will or their parent’s expectation, this pattern continues. The fear of failure or the urge to earn praises are the reasons why exams are taken seriously.

How to make exams a life-changing experience and not a trauma?

Things To Do before Exams

For many students, exams are a custom-built arrangement to be tortured. Children stay in a loop of pressure during exams. They lose out on their natural ability to be happy. The way they see it, an exam is a never-ending unwanted experience. Don’t you feel the need to change this?


To change the way children feel about exams, children’s outlook towards exams must be changed first. They need to be able to see examination as an opportunity to build their self-confidence and capabilities. If they start looking at the big picture, exams will seem like an adventurous activity. It is like a painting. The painter has an image in his mind. Every stroke of the brush looks normal until the most complicated painting is completed.

Teach organisation:

Discuss being organised and planning with your children. Guide them to study since the very beginning of the semester. This will save them from the trouble to revise everything at the last moment during exams. They will have ample amount of time to grasp the topics and understand the concept.

Create a time table or a schedule for children. A daily revision must be done about everything taught that very day. This will lead to a beautiful habit of daily accomplishments.

Actual winning:

There are various methods where you can guide your child to study without fear. We have also come up with “6 ways to improve your child’s performance”. These methods will help you improve your child’s performance in exams. Without any pressurization, children can secure very well grades in exams.

Exams don’t need to be felt like a trauma. With the right guidance of parents, exams can be fun. Children can perform well if not pressurized. Try not to give them a sense of guilt, instead be positive and make them think positively.

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