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Over-protection by parents shakes the confidence of the child #AtoZChallenge Post 20

“Real protection means teaching children to manage risks on their own and not shielding them from every hazard.” Wendy Mogel

Over-protection can be really hazardous for the growth of your child.

As parents, we always want our kids to be safe. The world outside scares us, and leaving our kids out there alone, is not easy.

For example, if our child is in their early teens and wants to take an auto rickshaw to travel for a few kilometers, we get scared. More than often, we tell our kid that only if there is someone to drop them off and pick them up, they can go. Now even though the child understands and complies, there is a little part of the child that feels less confident. The child sees lack of confidence in the parents and in turn feel weak themselves.

Every now and then we have to step back and figure out if we are overprotective of our child or not.

  1. The more protective you are, the less your child believes in himself.
  2. The confidence of the child gets shaken if they see that you do not let the child travel alone or take public transports.
  3. The confidence of the child gets shaken when they see that you do not let them chose their friends.
  4. The confidence of the child gets shaken when they see that you insist on accompanying them when their friends can travel alone.
  5. The confidence of the child gets shaken when you coach the coach instead of allowing the coach to coach them.
  6. The confidence of the child gets shaken when you interfere in every choice that they wish to make.
  7. The confidence of the child gets shaken when you insist on filling their life with activities they have no interest in.
  8. The confidence of the child gets shaken when you want to check their phones.
  9. The confidence of the child gets shaken when you stalk them online.

We as parents love our children a lot and therefore want only the best for them. We want to shield them from all possible tragedies that we foresee and protect them.

Let kids explore the world. Just have their back, take precautions to ensure that you are there in case things go wrong but for your children’s sake, please do not hover over them (like a helicopter) all the time. Don’t treat them like a weak oil lamp flame as they face wildly blowing winds. You need to be able to help your kids become confident, worldly wise and strong, come what may.

If children have been over-protected from a tender age, they need very high endorsements in life to move ahead. They need endorsements endlessly.

This question always baffles businessmen, why in the west even when a person fails in 4 or 5 businesses, their confidence remains unshaken? Well, these businessmen learn from each failure, think fresh and attempt yet another time. On the other hand, in our country, afraid something might fail, we do not even give ourselves a chance. On the fear that we will fail, we withdraw from struggles, ambitions, and risks for the rest of our lives.

Could it be because of over-protective childhood, ever wondered?

With the scary thought that something untoward might happen, we parents withdraw from opportunities and unfortunately, we pass on similar tendencies to our children.

Over-protection will create a complex in our children. Being overprotective can cripple your kids (potentially), hurt their self-esteem and stab their confidence. Avoid over-protection as much as you can, and give them necessary exposure.

Let them get a little hurt, be there to put the bandage but don’t stop them from trying. This will help them build a healthy confidence.

Next time you want to overprotect your child, assess the situation and then let them go on and live!


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