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Did you know that lack of affection in the family, hampers your child’s growth? #AtoZChallenge Post 15

There are certain sensitive topics that we as parents have to deal with extremely carefully. Lack of affection is one such area that can create a complex in the child. While many other things are understood and quite visible, this is a little behind the scene

Did you know the lack of affection can create a complex in your child?

The solution lies in the secure touch of love.

Has it ever happened to you, when you go to see a newborn baby, it is happy and playful in the mother or grandmothers arm but as soon as you take her in your arms she starts crying?

You are perplexed by this behavior, you wonder if the child is intelligent enough to understand the difference. The simple difference is that in the mother’s touch the child sees parental warmth and affection.

The absence of secure touch can be really hard for kids. By secure touch, I mean the random hugs, the holding your child’s hand, ruffling their hair, and so on.

As a baby, the child receives immense love in the form of unending secure touch.

When children grow up, the touch gradually reduces. As children become more independent, unfortunately, the touch gradually reduces.

Naturally, kids require that touch. It shows love, affection, acceptance to them. The absence of this touch ends up making kids a little unsure about their identity.

You see, touch for kids means acceptance. The absence of touch, unknowingly, creates subtle anxiety.

We parents stop this secure touch rather unknowingly. We do not realize how much this impacts our kids.

When a child starts to grow, they need more and more parental warmth and affection. The child does not cry physically anymore so we do not run to take them in our arms or hug them but they do cry emotionally. There is a gap and this is caused due to the lack of affection through touch.

Touch displays acceptability when you are comfortable with a person. On the other hand, if you don’t like someone and that person touches you, you immediately move. You want to create a distance physically.

What is the touch of love? Here are a few examples of affectionate touches of love,

  1. If you have a pet and you come home after a long day as soon as you enter the house they run to you. That is because they want that touch, they want to feel that affection. If our pets need that touch of affection, don’t our children need it too?
  2. Even doctors assure that patients recover faster when the patients get a lot of warm secure touch. With love and warmth, a patient tends to get better much sooner than estimated.
  3. In old age homes what the old people miss is not the comfort but the lack of affection or the touch of a family member.
  4. When you meet a dear friend, do you stand at a distance? You want to shake their hands, hug them, pat on their back, in simple words, you greet them with that touch of affection.

Fill your child’s life with secure warm touches. In any family where there is a loving touch, a few things will happen –

  1. The child will believe they are important and valued since they are accepted.
  2. The child will not have bouts of lust. When they get enough non-sensual secure touch, their need for lust is not deep and profound.
  3. The child will not crave for a relationship outside the home to be understood. The relationship at home will look very solid and deep to the child.

Even in times of stress like exams, do you want your child to feel light and happy? One of the ways to do that is a lot of secure touches.

Lack of attachment in childhood can create complexes in the heart and mind of the child. You can get rid of all complexes with a touch of love.

Lack of affection gets deep-rooted, their simple thing we all can start today –

  1. Before going to bed every day, let’s hug our children. Whether they are doing well or not, successful or not, try not to create that distance.
  2. Every morning when we see the child for the first time, hug them. Let’s start the day with a hug.
  3. If the children are leaving for school or college before us, let’s hug them and send them.
  4. If we are leaving for office or some other commitments and the child is still at home, let’s hug them before we leave.

Fill your child’s life with warm and secure hugs and the results will amaze you. There will be more love, happiness, and self-belief. Isn’t that all that we want?


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