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9 tips for parents to overcome anxiety on your child’s first day at school

how to prepare your kid for the first day at school


With a little cautious planning, your little one’s first day of the school can be as easy as learning A, B, C. Starting a school is a big deal. Your child’s first day at school might be approaching near. It is obvious for your kid to feel jittery and anxious when entering a new environment. But, please keep this in mind that some kids easily adapt to the change and are very socially active whereas some dread the separation.

Find out how to overcome the separation and make a happier first day at the school.

Is it normal to find difficult for your child on the first day of school?

  1. It’s a big adjustment for both of you as you realize your “tiny tot” is taking a step into the world without you for the first time. Your child might be having mixed emotions on his/her first day of school. If you see that in your kid, don’t panic. It is quite normal for your little one to be anxious
  2. It’s perfectly okay for your kid to throw tantrums on his first day of school. He might refuse at all to go to school. You can help make the day easier for your younger one by following the guidelines:
  3. Don’t talk about how much you are going to miss him. Don’t let your worries get in his way. Your kid has enough panic moments to deal with, don’t add more anxieties.
  4. If your child gets upset about the first day, acknowledge his feelings. Try talking to him about his favorite sport or cartoon program, and try to cool the pressure that has been built.
  5. Don’t rush through the mornings. It is not a race your kid is participating in. So arrive at the school in a reasonable time so that your kid doesn’t have to hurry to have his morning breakfast or be late because you have to deal with his tantrum.
  6. Keep a happy face. Anxiety might be eating you inside, but don’t let your face show it. Nerves are highly contagious. If your tone is upbeat and you are confident in your pose your child can sense that too. There’s a better chance of your kid feeling confident then.
  7. Assure your child that if there is any problem at the school, you will be there to resolve it.

Top 5 concerns, your child can have on his first day of school:

It’s a big thing – a real school, large classrooms, long hours of sitting in one place, homework and what not. Kids with elder siblings are somewhat trained and know what was coming. They are less frightened hence zero jitters.

Whereas there are other kids first day at the school has various kinds of fears especially those who haven’t attended any daycare or preschool. Make them feel comfortable about jitters, and answer their questions honestly which calms them down ensuring a school is a fun place where they’ll be learning new things and making friends for life.

These include:

1.What If I Get hungry? Will they feed me?

Why not- Teachers are 2nd mothers to the kids. Explain your kid about the snack time, the lunch breaks that are often especially in the kindergarten/preschools. Tell them that teachers are aware of how kids behave when they get hungry and it is absolutely normal to go and let your teacher know that you are hungry.

Also; you can let them know that they have an option to buy lunch from their cafeteria. When they are starting school, ask your kid what they prefer in their lunchbox and consider packing their favorite snacks.

2. Will I have lots of homework like my elder sister/brother?

Well, that’s a growing concern about getting tons of homework. You need to explain them in a very basic way that it is part of the school work but there won’t be a lot of homework.

The homework they will get will be fun and interesting to do. He/she will learn a lot of things out of it and mostly it will involve reading stories. Tell your child that it will probably take a few minutes in completing the homework which will mostly have coloring, reading a few pages from the book and scribbling new letters.

3. Will there be a bathroom to use it?

It is a good question, as there are kids who are fussy about their washroom rounds. You need to explain to your kid that there is always a bathroom near to the classroom so that kids can immediately go when nature calls.

There are many kindergarten and preschools that have the bathroom set up right in the classroom so that the younger kids don’t have to mingle with the older school kids and they can reach it in no time.

4.What if I don’t make it to the bathroom and have an accident?

Your child is comfortable when you are there to take care of such instances and it is a natural concern when he is stepping out in an unknown environment. Tell your kid about how teachers take care of the children because they know that you are very small and cannot handle the accidents, they will be always there to help you.

You can always have an extra pair of underwear or pants in a small bag in their school bag. Tell your child that it is common with the kids, and if such a thing happens they should let their teacher know about it hence there is nothing to worry.

5. If no one speaks to me and I unable to make friends?

Tell your kid that like him there are other kids too who is going to school for the first time and they too will be thinking the same way. It’s okay if your child is not able to get along with anyone, but eventually day by day he will make friends and enjoy their company.

The ice-breaking may take time but it is not an impossible thing to make friends. Give some time and in few days you will have a bunch of friends to giggle.

9 tips for parents to handle your child’s first day at school stress:

How to prepare your toddler for the school; the first day of school for toddler should be smoothing if you can make it as much as possible by following below guidelines:

1. You need to point out the positive aspects of starting the school like for e.g. they will be learning a lot of new things, there can be a storytelling session, etc.

2.  Let your kid know about the school timings and what his schedule will be like for a day. Explain to him about the school start and end timings.

3. Remind your child that he is not the only kid who has the same concerns of the first day of the school. And it is completely okay to feel like that but in a few days, everything will be normal and enjoyable.

4. Give them reassurance that if there will be any kind of problem, you will be always there to help resolve it.

5. Visit your child’s classroom before the school starts and meet his teacher with him so that he feels comfortable knowing you know his whereabouts – it’s kind of reassuring thing that your child gets.

6. Talk with your kid if he is riding with you to the school about the excitement of the first day, or any concerns and answer them accordingly.

7. Try to have met your child’s classmate before the school timings so that they can get acquainted with each other.

8. Find some fun activities available in your child’s school if he can enroll in. This will help them get rid of that negative feeling of going to school.

9. Show your child special attention and love like giving him hug and preparing his favorite meal when he comes back after school. Ask your toddler first day of school and discuss what all the things they did at school.

Closing thoughts:

Going to the school for the first time is not an easy transition for your kid. Don’t be rigid if your child refuses to go back to school but explain comfortably that it is the best places where they will learning new things and having fun. It is okay if these jitters remain for a few days, eventually, it will go. All you have to do is practice patience with them.

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