Let's Make Parenting Fun!

What You Need To Know

Who Should Attend?

Parents with kids from Age 4 to 16yrs of age will benefit the most. At WowParenting we do not discuss the health or medical related topics, instead, we focus on how we can make parenting fun for parents as well as kids.
Do you face any challenges in parenting? Ask Us LIVE ON CHAT! Naren will be answering your questions LIVE after 35-40 mins session.

Why Attend This Webinar?

Don’t we all ‘crave those magical moments of connection’ with our children, that melt our hearts? A connection is as essential to us as it is to our children.
When our ‘relationship’ with our children is ‘strong’, it’s also ‘fulfilling’. Time with our children is the most awaited time of the day. Ahaa, that’s what makes parenting ‘worth all the sacrifices’.

What will you learn in this Webinar?

  1. Do we need to connect with our own children? I mean, isn’t it already there? Oh, you will be surprised with the facts.
  2. How connection helps before major transitions (otherwise, transitions can be very painful)
  3. How expressive should I be in connecting with the child?
  4. How important is listening in developing connections?
  5. If things have gone wrong, can the connection be revived?
  6. Is there something called ‘before sleep’ connection time?
  7. What is the role of ‘slow down’ and ‘show up‘ in developing connections?

Let’s get connected and master connections in parenting. ATTEND THIS WEBINAR to Learn How to create a Strong bond with your children!

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About The Speaker

Narendra Goidani, the founder of Life School, has been conducting inspirational training programs for people from all walks of life, for more than 18 years. His main focus is training people on “EMPOWERED LIVING”. He has a magical ability to identify talent and nurture it. He is a mentor to thousands across the globe. His emphatic long-standing ‘Life Value’ has been these three words, ‘Inspire OR Expire’.
Inspired by the question, “What will happen to the world when all kids get WOW Parenting?”, he started an ambitious program www.wowparenting.com
WowParenting promises three things –

  1. How to solve daily parenting challenges
  2. How to design parenting for your child
  3. How to make parenting fun

He believes, through WOW Parenting, WE can change the world. If you are facing a parenting challenge and need help, write to [email protected]

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