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You Just Found An Incredible Course On Parenting!

Across 16 years, over 4500 parents/participants have greatly benefited through Naren’s training on ‘Parenting”. With tens of 5-star reviews, a participation delight rate of over 90%, and an amazing book titled ‘essentials of parenting’ under his belt, this baby, his course, will surely delight even the sceptics.

In this course, we’ll discuss a whole lot of helpful insights about parenting. We will also discuss some Dos and Don’ts, some tips, tricks and techniques, and we are rubbing our hands in glee waiting to bust some intensely believed myths about parenting.

Knock knock warning: No gyan here! Only practical tips, tricks and ideas for parents looking to make their lives better. And of course the lives of your kids as well.

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Why WOW Parenting?

Understand How This Course Helps Parents

WOW Parenting is not just a course. It’s the approach that teaches parents on how to ensure you bring up your child in the best possible way so that he/she is a champion in life.

Watch, Learn & Apply and see the magic happen in your parenthood. Here are some of the many reasons why take WOW Parenting course:

  • Because you can take the course at your convenience anytime, anywhere
  • There are solutions yet you choose your own strategies
  • Support tools to give way to joyful parenting
  • Personal Wow Parenting expert advice at any point of the journey with the click of a button by expert himself Narendra Goidani
  • One course that helps parents with kids of varied age groups: kids, tweens, pre-teens, and teens
  • Secret passage to understand children’s challenges
  • Some inspirational ways successful people were parented
  • Some simple quick-fixes to everyday parenting struggles
  • How to make your child a confident and empowered munchkin
  • Insights to cope up with the dynamics of modern-day parenting dilemmas
  • Simple tips to end everyday emotional drama at home

What This Course Is All About

The Most Exhaustive & Complete Parenting Course Available On Internet!

This parenting course has helped 1000s of parents worldwide develop the right parenting skills. We are not a social networking app, but a parenting app with a large community of parents that want to raise a successful, strong and happy child.

In it’s core, WOW Parenting’s objective is to provide parenting guidance so as to help you fulfill your goals as a parent and enable you to unlock your child’s potential by giving you the right info and guidance.

Wow parenting is designed to guide parents on how to effectively groom and deal with children to create a more fulfilling and less stressful family life. It offers easy to grasp structured and topic-based video content with scientifically proven parenting tips and techniques on how to parent a child the right way. With this parenting course, you will learn simple parenting techniques, and the right skills to deal with daily parenting issues.

Wondering if this course is for you?
Do you have a child between 5 to 16 years of age? Or, are involved in bringing up kids? If the answer to any one of these questions is "YES", then this course is for definitely for you.
Joining The Course Is Simple

  • Download & Install WOW Parenting App
  • Signup & Login in WOW Parenting App
  • Click on Start Your Journey
  • The course comprises of videos.
  • These videos are on various parenting topics that will help you empower your kids.
  • These topics are broken into bite-sized chapters a.k.a. videosCourse also has quizzes and stylish summaries on every video.
  • A Q&A is available where you can ask us all your queries about the parenting tips in the videos

More resources beyond the videos
  • You can ask us anything at all about parenting through Ask Us Anything feature. Naren personally answers every query.
  • Read the exclusive blogs on parenting
  • Join our LIVE webinars, workshops on parenting
  • Participate in discussions
Wow Parenting helps you with all your parenting challenges & goals with over 100 classy short videos. Over 175 different Parenting blogs/articles with simple tips and tricks along with expert parenting advice, suggestions, and insights. Each video has real-life examples and use cases on how you can learn about parenting and raise great kids. This app is a holistic Parenting guide to help you raise your children and have fun along the way.

In terms of content:
  • WOW Parenting has 9 main chapters
  • Each Chapter has 10-13 videos
  • Each video is approximately 7-8 mins long
  • Every video talks about multiple problems/solutions that you might face in parenting
  • After each video/chapter there is an Assessment area, to check if you've grasped concepts
  • Constant course material updates: Next Content Series: Teenage Parenting