General WoW Community Guidelines

Welcome to WOW Parenting – an engaging and delightful community for parents. Your parenting journey will have zing with so many parents’ support by your side to make it fun, effective, less stressful and pleasant. We would love to see you connect with peer parents by sharing your experiences through your tried and tested inspirational stories, we could clap for; blog to inspire and your everyday challenges answered anytime anywhere in Q & A. Our zealous community has “Just for Laughs” space for memorable parenting moments too.

So wait no more, come join and connect it’s free and fun!!

With your help, we hope to keep our community prolific, entertaining and supportive—and we request read our Community Guidelines before you get started.

B. WP Basic Ground Rules

Learn about WP Basic Ground Rules

▪ We welcome your opinion

Be kind, supportive, respectful and civil to all members. As an integral part of the community please always try to add value to this community rather than take it away. Express your opinion but it’s advisable to stick to the point and not go over the top.

▪ Be Yourself

Members are requested to honestly represent themselves. Use you real identity.

No false profiles or false children’s profiles – accounts flagged or found to be fraudulent may be removed.

▪ Have Fun

Parenting can be challenging but at times, as parents, you need to laugh, relax and maintain a sense of humour – it keeps you sane! WOW Parenting lets you be yourself and helps you with a dimension that will add value and help you have fun!

▪ Remember this is Public Forum

Your privacy is important to us. Please do not give any personal information in any discussion.

▪ Contribute new information to the discussion

Make sure that your information adds value to the discussion. Read the discussion before adding your viewpoint; avoid being repetitive and please don’t try to be judgemental.

▪ No Libel or other abusive content

We reserve the right to remove any content that we feel is harmful, racialist, offensive, aggressive, violent, lewd and vulgar. As a member, you must not encourage or make comments which are:

● Defamatory, false or misleading

● Insulting, threatening or abusive

● Obscene or of sexual in nature

● Offensive, racist or homophobic or discriminatory against any group or religion

▪ Watch your language

We don’t allow personal attacks, violence, bullying, harassment, or people purposely disturbing the community. This also means no hate speech, no slurs or stereotyping, threats, obscenities, or any kind of insensitive language.

▪ Don’t sell or promote stuff

The community should not be used as a promotional tool or marketing channel for any business purpose. No promotional, spam or advertising content of any type will be allowed.

▪ Don’t post research or technical report

The community is about parenting and the core will always remain this. No post related to research or any kind of enquiries related to the same will not be allowed.

▪ Don’t infringe copyright

If you have liked something while browsing the net and want to share it with the fellow parents at WP community, please attribute the same.

▪ Don’t post inappropriate links

All kinds of commercial posts, political or religious promotions, or advertising that hinders the community experience for others will be removed and is not acceptable.

▪ Don’t violate someone else’s privacy

Respect every fellow parent and their privacy. Participation in, suggesting, or boosting any illegitimate activity will be deleted immediately.

▪ Report inappropriate content

If you see something that is unsuitable and needs to be removed, contact us at [email protected]


C. User Content Approval Policy

Content that violet the spirit of our rules or Terms of Use policy of WP may be removed or if moderated in first place will not be published at all. The community will be administered by the subsequent set of principles that will apply to all members and their posts. We moderate all content on WOW Parenting and reserve the right to remove any content that does not (in our judgement) adhere to our guidelines. Repeated disregard/abuse of our guidelines may lead to being permanently blocked from commenting. Our decision will be considered final.

D. How it Works

a. How to post Questions

i. When, where and how could I post the questions?

You can post a question anytime you have one! If you have question for specific video do use Ask a Question Tab after watching it. We are here to help along with co passenger in the journey of WoW Parenting would be happy to sort out all your doubts. For posting question, just click on the Ask a Question section and add one!

ii. How do I post questions which are not removed?

Post question relevant to your parenting journey. Before adding a question, review the list of similar questions. You might be able to find an answer without posting a new question. If your question still persists, and you still have any doubts submit your question.

b. How to post Parenting Stories

The stories on WOW are based on real life. They’re inspirational, positive, helpful and written by parents from a friendly and personal perspective. Whatever is your story – big or small – it’s about your experience and at WP community, every experience counts. For posting a story, just click on the section “Parenting Stories” and upload your story. The story will be reviewed by the WP team and posted within 24 hours.

i. Can I post a story published elsewhere?

Your story should be original. Any write-up that has been published elsewhere will be declined and rejected.

ii. Can I write about anything I feel like?

The story should be family friendly and related to the core of WOW parenting. Off topic posts will not be approved.

iii. Can my story get rejected?

The story can be rejected if there is any vulgar, foul or explicit language used in the same.

iv. When will my story get published?

The story will get published with 24 hours of submission. All write-up/story are reviewed – the process includes a final check on spellings, grammar, image attribution (if any) and several little details – only then the story is published. Email notification of approval of story will come in your mail box.

v. Are there any guidelines I should follow before submitting my story?

Some pointers that might be helpful while submitting a story –

▪ Story should be original.

▪ Should be simple and easy to comprehend

▪ No vulgar, foul or explicit language to be used

▪ Proof-read and check the spellings before you click ‘submit’

▪ Use copyright free images or self-clicked images

▪ Remember to give due credit to the author if you are using someone else’s work

E. How to post Blogs

Parenting is a beautiful journey and sharing your story/tips/advice might just be something that a fellow parent need. In keeping with the spirit of WP community, bloggers should write only about parenting and related to well being of children.

i. What will the word limit for the blogs?

Blogs are personal experiences and stories that you would like to share. If you feel like writing and sharing your experience, there is no limit as such but we would stick to a minimum of 500 words.

ii. What are the guidelines for submitting a blog?

For a great blog, always check your work. Before clicking on submit, take a deep breath and proof read your post. Check the grammar, the spellings and then submit an error-free copy!

iii. Is there a theme that I should stick to?

WP Community is meant to educate, encourage and inspire parents towards cheerful and efficient parenting. Your blog posts should be based on your experiences or on any parenting topics.

iv. Do you allow promotional content?

Guest blogging is often associated with crazy promotional content. We do not allow any third party links in the write-up; however, if it is essential, non-promotional and relevant to the post, it can be used in the blog.

v. Can I use images in my blog?

Definitely yes! You can use images for sure. Visual content is a great go ahead; it gathers more attention and is engaging. Always add a good quality picture along with the post. However, any kind of image or reference taken from the web needs to be attributed.

vi. Do I get paid for the same?

Our bloggers believe in the essence of parenting and are not paid for their posts.

vii. I have added my blog posts? When will it get published?

All blog post are reviewed and then approved. We might edit your blog in case on any grammatical error, or sometime the tone.

viii. What do I do once the blog is live?

Once the blog is live, as a contributor please check the blog from time to time and engage the readers by responding to their posts. You will always want a good fan following!

ix. I submitted a blog but it’s not approved. Why?

Once in a while, there might be a case when your blog is not published. In such cases it might be due to the following reasons –

▪ If the topic is not related to parenting and its essentials.

▪ If it is a promotional right up for a business purpose

▪ If it is already published

F. How to post in the humour section?

Getting crazy and laughing it out loud makes parenting fun and gives you a chance to build memories that will always bring a smile on your face! In the humour section, you can post real life pictures, funny text/quotes, illustrations, pictures and videos.

i. Can I post anything in the parenting humour section?

You can add text/quotes, pictures/images/real life photos and videos in the humour section. If you have liked something while browsing the net and want to share it, please attribute and provide the source for the same. Please post only fair copyright use visuals.

ii. I posted a quote/video/picture but it is not approved?

If the post is repetitive and is already present on the site, it will not be approved.

iii. What kinds of posts/links are not allowed?

Pornographic links/references, spam, vulgar graphics and anything offensive (as per our guidelines) will not be accepted and will be removed.

G. How do I bookmark a Video?

Bookmarking a video is super quick. While watching the video, just click on the top right hand side ‘bookmark’ sign. The video will be saved in your profile and you can watch it whenever you want.

H. How do I manage my bookmarks?

Managing bookmarks is not rocket science. It’s simple and easy. When you visit your profile, you will find the bookmark section – under this section you will be able to view whatever you’ve bookmarked till now – your favourite videos, articles, story and blogs.

Step 1: Login to your account and go to the dashboard

Step 2: Under ‘My Profile’ tab, select the ‘Bookmarks’ option

Step 3: You will be able to see all your bookmarked items till date.

I. How do I access my account and profile?

Every WOW user will have his profile tab. Under the profile tab, you will be able to see all your personal details along with an activity status bar. This will consist of login, subscription and bookmark details.

i) I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Nothing to worry! Just click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. We’ll inbox you the link to reset your password.

ii) How do I change my password?

Once you are a registered user, you can go to your profile section, to change the password.

Step 1: Login to your account and go to the dashboard

Step 2: Under ‘My Profile’ tab, select the ‘Change my password’ option

Step 3: Add your new password and click submit.

J. How do I contact WOW Parenting staff?

Any query, suggestion, doubt – just feel free to write at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help. We would love to hear from you.