Parenting can sometimes feel like a lonely job. As parents, we want validation whether we are parenting right or not. We also get curious to know –

  • how others are nurturing their kids,
  • what attitudes they are instilling,
  • what kind of an example are they setting as role models.

It helps us improve and grow. So we met 2 parents from the WOW Parenting family and asked them about their parenting strengths and weaknesses and how they are applying the WOW Parenting course.

Madhura Nikhil Sabadra –

Designation – Director in a  Private co.
Child’s age – 6 years
What is one good quality that your child has taken from you?  – Mannerisms and  Perfection towards tasks.
What is the one ‘not so good’ quality that your child has taken from you? – Stubbornness
What do you love about being a parent?The feeling of giving birth to a soul is just so beautiful.
ONE real life Implementation from your learnings from ‘Wow Parenting’I have stopped shouting at my child.
What has been the impact of ‘Wow Parenting’ on you? -My patience has improved a lot and  I get so many examples of how other parents are nurturing their kids. It’s a wonderful platform to learn. “Sad Glad Mad” is what we do on regular basis.
One parting shot – The approach of Naren Sir to look at parenting from a totally new level. I feel fortunate to get guidance from such experts.

Meena Mundada

Designation – Founder – The Freedom Park School
Children’s age 9 and 11 years
What is one good quality that your child has taken from you?  –  Persistence
What is the one ‘not so good’ quality that your child has taken from you? – Impatience
What do you love about ‘Wow Parenting’?

  • The videos are at my fingertips.
  • In moments of distress, I can easily avail help where I don’t need to take any prior appointments. I just need a headphone.
  • Being an educator, Wow parenting helps me help other parents too.
  • It’s the smartest app on my phone to help solve very important critical situations that can make parents totally relieved. It’s really made life easy as a parent in today’s times!

ONE real-life implementation from your learnings from ‘Wow Parenting’

  • I have consciously applied the Perfect Parenting video techniques on and off since I went through it diligently.
  • It’s changed the way I handle situations.
  • I aim to become a perfect parent. But now I don’t stress about it at all. I do what I can do best and I am good with it.  
  • I now see things from my child’s perspective and not just mine!
  • I do not carry any guilts of my parenting mistakes. I learn and I move on. I see the new day in a new light.

As a person, what has been the impact of ‘Wow Parenting’ on you?-
Naren’s practical guidance and his unconditional love for me because I am a parent has increased my confidence. I do not carry the pressure of being a PERFECT parent. Like any skill, I have realized, I have a scope to make mistakes too. It makes the experience real. I do not need any pretense. I am aware I am not a perfect parent but I can keep working on it under his loving guidance.
I really sometimes feel when parents say my child has this problem .. or my child has that problem… I wonder if the problem is actually with child or parent. Sometimes parents don’t see where they go wrong or how they may affect the child. I was in the same boat. I am not perfect. I have opened up all doors and windows and aim to have a beautiful family.
Imagine that your child has written an autobiography. In that autobiography, there is a chapter called ‘What I learned from my parents’. What do you think will be the main points of that chapter?
WOW, what a question 🙂 too hard to answer but yes

  • they may write about how I made them do things independently since a young age which helped them become smarter with their work.
  • How I helped them learn to share and understand others emotions..
  • How I made them understand that only winning is not important.. the entire process matters equally.
  • How life gives us many opportunities and we mustn’t give up.

Now I really wonder what my kids will write. Amazing exercise Naren and Wow Parenting team!! Left me speechless 🙂