Parenting Workshops for Working Parents

Why should FRIDAY be the only happy day of week for working parents?
Let's connect and make parenting a guilt free experience for working parents.

The struggle is real

These are some of the major factors that hamper the productivity of working parents in an organization.

This is what it leads to

Career Drop Offs

Giving up flourishing careers due to Mother’s guilt of not being able to focus on the child. Loss of highly skilled talented employees for the company

High Attrition

Inability to achieve the correct work life balance. Constantly looking for better options which will give them more time with the child without realizing that the quality of time spent is crucial - not quantity

Low Productivity

Increased dissatisfaction due to fear of taking up higher demand roles. Higher stress at home impacting performance at work

How do we solve this?

By providing scientifically proven SMART parenting solutions to create happy & nurturing PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIPS.

SPICE: Our Scientifically Tested Methodology


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Meena Mundada
Now I no longer carry the pressure of being PERFECT Parent.  Like any skill, I have realized, here too....
Founder, The Freedom Park School
Ritesh Shinde
“I never realized the need of Respect is much greater than kids. The first time I saw the video...
My patience has improved a lot and I get so many examples of how other parents are nurturing their...
Something useful for building the right future for your kid and subsequently for your nation.
Great we are enjoying wow parenting from the heart. It is a great initiative as till now I have...
WOW Parenting is amazing, mind-blowing! Everything looks clearer, very well put up and so nicely presented. I was implementing...
Dear Naren, It was an excellent & rocking parenting course, an eye-opener to me. Your powerful solutions of creating...

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