Firstly, I would like to congratulate Surbhi on writing a book for kids that is a little different from what is available in the market. It is a very fresh book with very easy-flowing stories. Children can find small titbits that they will take away from the stories laid by her.
Building imagination in children is of utmost importance during the formative years of the child. This book is a must-have if your kid is above the age of 8 because it really helps widen the kid’s imagination power and learn about new things. The passionate storyteller in the author is strongly reflected in the stories she writes. There is a good mix of magic, mystery, and suspense that will hold the attention of children.
The creative and vivid description of places and events as stated by the author makes the mind fly to those places.
The descriptions are very attractive and keep your attention going.
One thing that can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage is that there are some words that might not be easy to understand for the child.
This book can really give a push to children to think beyond what they see around them so happy reading.
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Ten Tales By Surbhi Mahobia