Wow! Reading ‘Notes from the Roads’ in itself was an insightful experience. The book pushed me to add a lot of things on my own bucket list. Congratulations and thanks to Ms. Shilpa Garg for this all-inclusive book on traveling.

The uniqueness of the book is that every suggestion mentioned in the book is coming from the author’s own experiences.

Traveling around always makes us believe that we can do more than we thought of.  The book subtly clears your thought about traveling and how it helps you find the best version of yourself. The comprehensive guide doesn’t just prepare you for the next journeys but also mentions the possible problems you can face. In a way, the author is also preparing you for the probable obstacles in the trip. The pros and cons, movies and book lists,  quotes, the list of application, and the chapter of Why I Love traveling, give you all possible reason to mark this book as the best travel guide.

 The only thing I missed while reading the book is Photographs. But, the book inspires you enough to travel and explore the world.

Don’t forget to carry it on your phone when you travel next time. Click on the link below to download and add it in your backpacking checklist.