Are you struggling to find the perfect book for parenting? Then the e-book, ‘A to Z of Parenting’ is definitely for you.  
The duo of Meenal and Sonal excels in poetry and parenting. Their book, ‘A to Z of Parenting’ very interestingly takes us down through the alphabetic journey of parenting. The book is especially for the new parents, as they literally need to start learning the A, B & Cs of the parenting.  As you start reading the book, you will easily relate yourself to all the alphabets, Especially ‘H’.  And I think the credit for this connectivity with the reader goes to the writing style of the authors. It is very interesting how Meenal and Sonal connected all 26 alphabets to parenting. With this book, mastering the parenting skills is not difficult at all, as it primarily answers all your worries and queries.
Hence, parenting is not a mystery anymore, as Meenal & Sonal say, the book is a quick guide for new age parenting.
A small suggestion to the author is, a little bit of graphics could have made the book more visually appealing.
But, it all thumbs up for the content.
Explore this intangible wonder of parenting by reading A to Z of Parenting here.